Pre Christmas Or Post Christmas At Center Parcs?


It’s a little greedy I know, but we only had a 3 week break between Center Parcs visits.

We always visit Whinfell Forest pre-Christmas for Winter Wonderland. And have done since Joe was born, it has become a tradition. We so look forward to it every year, its wonderful having a pre-Christmas wind down, if I am honest this weekend every year is my favourite part of the festive season.


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Last January we were invited to join Friends for my beautiful god-daughter Ashlee’s 18th birthday weekend. We had a wonderful time a completely different experience to our pre-Christmas break. We loved it so much we came home and re-booked for this year, clearly the price is a huge factor; Center Parcs is a bargain in January.

You would be surprised just how busy it is post-Christmas; the beauty of Center Parcs is no matter how busy you never really notice it.

Last week stayed in an executive lodge, and it was lovely. It’s the little touches that make it a little more special than the lovely woodland lodges we usually stay in. The colours are softer in warm reds and browns. Both bedrooms had en suites and rainforest showers and the main bathroom has a spa bath. The lodge felt just that little bit cozier, which as we wanted a chill weekend was fantastic.

The setting is just stunning, what I love about Nottingham is the lake and rivers wind all around the village; we were lucky enough to have a huge expanse of water right behind our lodge.

The winding river and woodland walks at Center Parcs

As a result we had lots of visitors, who really were quite cheeky, and drooled at us through the windows as we ate, the boys found this hilarious; we spent ages watching the wildlife watch us. Jack even took a selfie with them. Fortunately we had bought some bird food, but the geese and ducks were so confident that when you opened the door to feed them they put their heads in for their food.

Wildlife at Center Parcs

Even though we chilled out, we still found time for lots of activities, we ate out with friends and enjoyed a competitive game of 10 pin bowling with them, we walked, cycled, tree trecked and played golf. There really is so much to keep the whole family happy.

Tree Trekking at Center Parcs

Bowling At Center Parcs

So what is great about pre and post-Christmas breaks.

Pre Christmas Breaks At Center Parcs

  • Usually we have finished work for the festive season, and are ready to celebrate Christmas in style.
  • It is something to look forward to this break all year as we know when it arrives its Christmas.
  • And it makes me super organised, when we unlock that lodge door, every Christmas card has been posted, Christmas dinner is ordered, the house is clean and presents have all been sent to Santa.
  • The atmosphere is amazing, Christmas music is playing everywhere, there are elves walking about the village, the forest is lit up with festive reindeer’s.
  • You can have tranquil family walks, whilst the majority of the country is running around like headless chickens.
  • We come home, chilled out and ready to enjoy Christmas, much better than making last-minute dashes round over packed shopping centres.

Winter Wonderland At Whinfell Forest

Why Book A Post Christmas Break At Center Parcs

  • It totally banishes January blues and gives you something to look forward too.
  • Even though it is still busy the atmosphere is different, it is more serene and chilled out. (Center Parcs is always chilled, but it just feels a little more so in January)
  • You can walk off all those surplus pounds you have gained over Christmas.
  • And enjoy relaxed family nights by the open fire. Yes, I know we could do this at home, but you don’t do you? You check the washer, dryer, answer the phone. You never actually chill out at home.
  • It is so much cheaper at this time of year, so you don’t feel you are being over indulgent.

The Beach Area At Center Parcs

So there it is; reasons to go before and after Christmas. We just love Center Parcs and the chilled atmosphere it offers our other wise overly manic family. It forces us to chill, spend more time together and live in a Christie bubble for a weekend, with no football, social media, x box, traffic and mobile phones. That has to be priceless.

The Grounds At Center Parks Whinfell Forest


22 thoughts on “Pre Christmas Or Post Christmas At Center Parcs?”

  1. I love center parcs SO much and would love to be there for Christmas sometime. That swan is so pretty!!

    Fab post, Sarah. 🙂

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Glad you had fun!! We loved it before Christmas (our first time going during winter) and the twins had so much fun!! Good idea to go after Christmas – nice and relaxing break and more chilled! Great photos Sarah xx

  3. Oh well now I’m super jealous!!! I would LOVE to take my family to centerparcs for a christmas break. It looks so beautiful. Steph xxxx


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