Young Drivers, and Road Safety

Something happened a couple of weeks ago that Jack had been beside himself with excitement about for ages. He had his very first ever-driving lesson. I know arghhh what happened to my little boy.


I will be honest it has been a month of milestones, a month of growing up. And us having to accept he is growing up, but a driving lesson was a huge thing.

The driving lesson was run and organised by Young Drivers, an amazing initiative designed to install a sense of responsibility and road safety into the young drivers of today.

IMG_6504Jack had a 30-minute lesson; although it was on a dedicated track, I will be honest; I nearly had a heart attack when we arrived. As there were other young drivers on the track, I mean what if one of them lost control, what if Jack did?  But the whole process is expertly managed and coordinated by the amazing driving instructors.

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You Know You Live With Boys When?

So here I am in a house full of boys, I love them all so much, but have shared before how they have changed me from a girly girl to someone much more adventurous.

I thought I would compile a little list of things that I have got used too, things that in everyday life have become the norm; that if you would have told me years ago I would have accepted this little lot, I would have never believed you.


  • I currently have a chicken skull soaking in bleach on my kitchen windowsill. Joe found it last week in the garden and wanted to preserve it, so there it is. The next stage will be scrubbing it with bleach and a toothbrush to ensure all the germs are gone. Not my idea of fun but I didn’t want to be a killjoy and make him dispose of it.

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Things I love about being a Mum

I thought of the title first. Then I sat here for ages trying to pinpoint what I love about being a Mum. And I mean ages, then I started to delete it because I couldn’t think what to write, but I felt guilty; there is no way I could delete a post I have started about what I love about being a Mum. How disloyal to the boys. But the truth is, I couldn’t list it, because I love everything, and I mean everything.

IMG_5482.JPGSo I am going to try to list it, try to quantify exactly what I love about being a Mum.

  • Well the first thing has to be my children, obvious I know. But without these mega frustratingly wonderful boys, I would have this amazing job.
  • The fact that even though I seem to have become embarrassing in public, they still tell me they love me every day. It makes me feel so special every time they say it.
  • They have made me a braver person, you would never have got me tree trekking or climbing before they came along. But you will try almost any activity to support your children won’t you? (If you are reading this boys, I draw the line a gator land, this is NOT negotiable. ┬áThe thought of it makes me feel physically sick. And what if one of you got eaten whilst we were there? Yes you never thought of that did you)

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