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Flights to Orlando can be expensive, and when you are taking your family to Walt Disney World there are so many options, but sometimes the easiest is not always the cheapest. When we were booking our flights we had collected a considerable amount of Avios points and 2 companion vouchers. The problem was that we were unable to use them on flights to Orlando International or Sanford during the school holidays, there was no availability. Yet there was plenty flying into Miami Airport.

Yes, it is miles away, 250 to be precise. But if you like a little adventure a huge saving can be made flying into Miami, especially if you use air miles. We did exactly this on our recent family trip to Orlando and not only did we save a fortune but it felt like an adventure.

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As we were staying in Walt Disney World we did not want to hire a car for our whole stay. We knew we would be making use of the Disney Transportation System, so just needed to get to get to and from Orlando from Miami.

I looked at lots of different options, internal flights, the bus, train and car hire. Many of the options had flaws, either they were so expense or would eat a whole day of our holiday time. We wanted to make this journey as quick and easy as possible.

Here is what we did, and what you need to consider if you choose this option.

We pre booked our car through national car hire; we chose to hire the car from Miami Airport and drop off at the Disney Dolphin Resort. One-way car hire is a great option and pick up and drop off were so easy. In fact when we dropped off at the Disney Dolphin it took only 10 minutes to drop off and get a receipt.

We decided on a Chevy Tahoe, it was a bargain at £50.53 to hire the car from 9am till 4pm , we could have hired a smaller car that would have been quite comfortable but we decided as we wanted this journey to be an adventure the car not only had to be super comfortable, but cool too. And trust me it was worth the extra the boys loved the car, we had plenty of room to spread out and there was lots of room for our luggage. If you want to hire for longer you can get some great discounts online.

Our car came with sat nav as standard, but check this out as it does not state this on the website when you book.  As a result we booked an additional sat nav. As long as you hand this back and explain before you set off you will not be charged. But you must check as not all cars have integrated sat nav. It really is a case of being lucky.

Ensure you carry change for the tolls, I think it cost us $18 for tolls, they are simple to navigate as long as you have the correct change or at the very least notes of a small denomination.

Consider pre paying your petrol, if you have never driven in the states before it is so easy to collect the car pre filled, this way you don’t have to mess about filling the car. However on the journey between Miami and Orlando we only used half a tank. This option is most definitely more economical for longer rentals.

Have the postcodes of your destination ready to save you searching on the Internet and incurring data roaming charges.

And lastly chill and enjoy the drive. We saved £1300 by flying into Miami, once you had factored in the cost of car hire, tolls and a night in a hotel in Miami, which is such a huge saving, and for us it was an adventure worth embarking upon.

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Car Hire From Miami To Disney

7 thoughts on “Car Hire From Miami To Orlando”

  1. Hi, we have flown into Miami only once before! About 15 years ago. Mum and dad forgot their driving licences and we had to get the Greyhound bus! Its a story we still talk about to this day and we all remember to take our licenses everywhere now!! Being in the bus stations and on the bus was as scared as I have ever been whilst in FL!! We always stay offsite (in mums house) and I love driving their, but there are no rules except take the lane of least resistance!! Its all about being brave!

    Reading your blogs sounds like you had an amazing holiday xxxx

    • Oh no I bet you do, wow it never occurred to me that it would be scary. And yes its so different from driving in the Uk isn’t it?

      • Lol! Just noticed my spelling error! duh! (their/there!)

        I prefer driving here, I think I like manual cars more than automatics 🙂 less whiplash!!

        I also just wanted to say how nice it is to find a blog that I actually enjoy keeping up with! It sounds like we are very similar, I have two boys (1 and 3!!), lots (and I mean lots!!) of type 1 diabetics in my extended family and a ridiculously over the top obsession with all things Disney. Everytime I read a post I can’t help but think to myself that this is what my life will be like in 12/15 years when my boys are older 🙂

        Keep up the good work xxxx

        • Ha ha Jen this is so lovely to read, well all I can say is it is all good, boys most definitely get easier as they get older, although I do feel having adventurous boys makes me challenge myself constantly. I suppose that is a great thing as I do things I would have never considered before, like this weekend, I found myself on a quad bike adventure. You have it all to come so much fun x


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