Cannobio Italy, A Photo Tour


You know when you visit somewhere, and you can’t quite believe it’s real? Cannobio Italy on Lake Maggiore is THAT PLACE! Lined with pastel coloured houses that look pretty in even the rain, but when the sun comes out Cannobio turns into a pastel instagram heaven. One that has you feeling giddy and take a photo with every turn of a corner as you catch another perspective of this breathtaking little town.

A view of Cannobio On Lake Maggiore from the water

Where Is Cannobio?

The town of Cannobio is on Lake Maggiore in Italy. It’s the last town before you reach the border of Switzerland. The area is believe to pre date Roman times, with the first documented mention of Cannobio being 909.

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With many of the candy coloured winding streets and tall buildings being built between the 17th and 19th century, it is thought that due to its location it would have been considered an important strategic and commercial location going back in history.

Visiting Cannobio one of the pastel port buildings
The ferry terminal on Cannobio On Lake Maggiore, Italy,

However now it is home to just over 5000 people and is a popular tourist location on Lake Maggiore. Cannobio is one of those places you visit just because….

If you want breathtaking views, instagram perfect buildings, winding streets, street cafes and a wonderful atmosphere. Then put Cannobio at the top of your Italian wish list.

Where Can I Stay When Visiting?

We stayed in a hotel on the opposite shore of Lake Maggiore at the Golfo Gabella in Maccagno. For booking info check out Bookings For You. There is a choice of apartments from simple 2 bedroom apartments to ultra stylish Italian lake view apartments. Check out Claires blog here for a review of the resort.

Jo and her team will be able to advise which is the best accommodation to suit your needs. And also offer a personalised service which helps to assist you planning your trip and add the little touches. These include extras such as booking a private chef for an extra special meal, or tips on where to get the best hot chocolate in the region.

Golfo Gabbella also boasts one of the best pool views on the lake, perfect for chilling out after a day exploring. But I will share more about that later.

How To Get To Cannobio From Maccagno?

The public ferry runs from Maccagno several times a day. You can take the slow route with stop off’s along the way and takes 1h15min or the direct route which takes 15 mins. Click the link above for timetables and prices. You are also able to search by journey date and time which makes planning getting across the Italian Lakes from Maccagno to Cannobio so much easier.

Top tip, take the longer trip one way a enjoy the trip, it’s a great way to get a photo of Cannobio from the vantage of the Italian Lakes.

The ferry into Cannobio

Where To Eat In Cannobio?

Cannobio is full of beautiful street cafes and restaurants, we chose to dine in Cafffe Verbano on the dock side. Our choice was purely made on how pretty it looked and the view, however the food was pretty amazing too and not expensive. Just delicious fresh Italian food, washed down with an ice cold Aperol Spritz.

where to eat in Cannobio

I have to say I could have sat there and people watched for hours, the service is great, atmosphere welcoming and food fantastic.

(We paid for our meal, it was not sponsored in any way)

What Is There To See In Cannobio On Lake Maggiore? 

There is soooooo much to see, and its very much a case of exploring and wandering the pretty port and winding streets, just check out my photos of Cannobio. Notable things to look out for are:

The port side, lined with historic buildings and cobbled streets, the view is great from each angle. Stand with the ferry building to your left and take in the view of the lake and Italy as a backdrop.

Cernobbio in the Italian Lakes

Alternatively stand with the port to your right for great views of Switzerland and snow topped mountains.

The harbour in Cannobbio

Wander down the the park and Lido beach for more uninterrupted views of Switzerland, a play park for the kids, a beach and bars and cafes. Oh and check out the shop on the farthest corner before the beach, if I had booked luggage I could have spent a fortune in there.

the last town in Italy before Switzerland is Cannobio

Or venture into the cobbled streets of the town for unique shops, flower lined streets and if you are lucky find the odd bicycle.

Winding Streets in the Italian Lakes of Cannobio On Lake Maggiore
An Italian Bike
Where to visit in Lake Maggiore
Local shops in Cannobio

A Photo Tour Of Cannobio

And just because Cannobio the prettiest place ever, here are a few more photos of Cannobio from my little photo walk.

What to see in Cannobio
The view of Switzerland from Cannobio On Lake Maggiore, Italy
Street cafe in Canobbio
What to do in Lake Maggiore

Ad, This post was a hosted press trip, but all thoughts are my own. And you can’t really argue with THOSE views xx

For more tips and inspiration on what to do in the region check out

And for more Italy Inspiration check out my Italy section.

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Cannobio is on Lake Maggiore in Italy a photo tour of the Island
The pastel streets of Cannobio On Lake Maggiore Italy

6 thoughts on “Cannobio Italy, A Photo Tour”

  1. Wow! Just gorgeous! So many beautiful places in Italy. We just visited last September (Cinque Terre, not Lake Maggiore), and I am ready to go back.

  2. My husband and I stopped in Cannobio for one night, while touring. We ended up staying 12 nights !
    We went back 5 times and would have been more if things had remained the same. We drove from Scotland and loved the journey. After my husband died im afraid I haven’t been back. The journey needs two drivers.
    It was his most favourite place! And it has left me with wonderful memories.


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