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Camping Tips For Non Campers

I do not camp! I once camped in my friends back garden when I was 15 and we only made it till 2am. That is the full extent of my camping expertise. I was offered a camping trip this year and I declined.

However when it came up in conversation a couple of weeks later, Chris and Joe were fuming. It appears they want to camp! And I with my need for luxury and electricity am holding them back! I suppose it takes all sorts.

So in my endeavour to not hold my family back I plan to maybe do a glamping trip next year. Small steps people.But when Halfords showed me their fab camping guide I thought, yes I can do this.

But I honestly have no idea where to start. So have asked a few friends who LOVE camping to help me out with their tops tips on not only surviving camping but how to have a blooming good time and keep proceeding looking as organised and pretty as humanly possible.

My Sunday Photo The Pendle Pub Walk

And starting with practical camping tips

Sam at North East Family Fun says; Take hot water bottles. Fill them up and pop them in your sleeping bags. It’s always cold at night, even in august! 

I quite fancy myself cooking in the open countryside, it would feel a bit like a swanky cooking show and the lovely Nell from Pigeon Pair And Me recommends; taking a lightweight foldaway picnic table which makes camping seem so much more civilised! And beats crouching on a blanket to eat.

Claire from Tin Box Traveller told me; Not to forget your kitchen sink (she knows me well) but alas means a washing up bowl for transporting all your dirty crockery to the washing up area. Great tip and one I would have never have thought of on a first trip.

Laura from Side Street Style offers the lifesaving( remember we are traveling with teenagers) tip of; always pack a few power banks to charge phones (unless you want to go phone free) and always pack a small first aid kit especially if you’re travelling with kids & one that has mosquito spray and bite cream.

Lisa from Travel Loving Family warns; it is wise to always put the tent up in the garden before a first camping trip of the summer (as we’ve been caught out before and arrived at a campsite in the middle of nowhere with no tent pegs!)

Camping tips for the novice

Camping is a state of mind

Jane from Take 5 gave me the genius tip of; embracing the lack of facilities but if you are a bit of a reluctant camper, look for a site with a good old pub nearby as backup!

Laura from Have Kids Can Travel encourages you to;  Let go of normal standards – half the fun of camping is being a bit wild, so chill out if the kids start looking rumpled and grubby. It’s sort of the point – and you’ll drive yourself mad trying to keep them looking neat and clean in a tent.

Home comforts when camping

Karen from Mini Travellers advises that;  Campsites exist that have showers with warm water and heated floors. Still covered in grass naturally but you need to get back to nature a little.

Helen who blogs over at Actually Mummy urged me to; take proper camping mats if you can, rather than air beds. They’re much warmer. The air in an air bed gets cold at night and makes you feel like you’re lying on ice!

Guide to luxury camping

Camping tips for the novice camper

How to keep stylish when camping

For a little home style, Penny from ParentShaped advised me to; take a jam jar and collect some wild flowers, immediately makes camping feel more homely and stylish! I Love this tip!

Donna from Like Love Do is a girl after my own heart and says; For easy one all in one face make up, waterproof mascara and a slick of gloss is about all you need. For faces grab a pot of vaseline and glitter for instant glam. (an amazing  tip, I never go out without make-up and no tent is going to come between me and my make-up bag)

So there you have it with the help of my friends and their incredible tips I now know where to start. Because trust me I had no idea. And actually I can see my little family and I sat out watching the sunset. Me with a glass of wine in hand thinking, hmm this is a bit of an adventure and that is what life is all about right?

All I need to do is kit myself out! Gosh that’s a whole other blog post!

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Lauren The Helpful Hiker

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Great tips! There are so many glamping options these days, you don't have to rough it. As much as I love camping, I can see why others don't, hopefully this good advice will help some reluctant campers. #MondayEscapes

Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

Monday 18th of September 2017

I love these tips! My husband is a reluctant camper as well and seeing as the last time I camped was 15 years ago, I think we'll be going the glamping route too! #mondayescapes


Tuesday 19th of September 2017

Ha ha I do like the idea of glamping Elizabeth x

Lisa (Travel Loving Family)

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Sarah you make me laugh!! Love your comment about not separating you from your makeup bag! You are definitely a lady who enjoys her luxuries

Claire at Tin Box Traveller

Tuesday 12th of September 2017

I really hope you get that glamping trip booked in Sarah. I can recommend a couple of places in Devon which I think you'd feel very at home...and not at all chilly :) Thanks for including my tip!

Clare - Flip flops or Wellies

Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Loving the range of practical and alternative tips. At the end of the day, camping is never going to be home so it's definitely about finding a camp site that suits your basic needs as they do vary a great deal. #MondayEscapes

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