Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley


It’s that time of year again

I know its cliché but wow this year has flown by. One minute I am planning our Easter trip to Greece and the next we are going for winters walks and building gingerbread houses. And I have a 16-year-old arghhh.

When the boys were tiny the tween and teenage years seemed an eternity away, and now they are here. Our family has changed and evolved. We have swapped trips to Santa for Christmas Markets and Football Stadium tours. And it’s so much fun, a different kind of fun, but your family growing up, whilst emotional, is also wonderful.

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Luckily for me I can still get the boys to get involved in the kitchen, they love cooking and baking. And factor in the promise of eating your project once completed is always met with full co-operation. I have been chatting over on the Laura Ashley blog how I feel about perfection vs enjoying these little projects. And actually what is perfection?

Recently Joe and I spent a blissful morning making our kitchen festive.

It was the first room in the house to get a festive makeover, as it is possibly our favourite room in the house. Where we all chill and chat when we arrive home at the end of a day. Where friends congregate and laugh. Our kitchen is the center of our home, so it made sense to start there. To decorate our farmhouse table all ready for our family Christmas.

Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley
Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley

I chose simple pieces for the kitchen, not too much fuss. Aimed to enhance the country feel. Because although it is modern I have tried to maintain a rustic feel.

As we spent the afternoon decorating, drinking hot chocolate with oodles of cream and building our little Laura Ashley ginger bread house, we chatted about nothing in particular. You know the sort of things 11 years like to chat about. The chance of Burnley winning the premier league, what to add to the 10 page Christmas list, and who is better Ronaldo or Messi ?

I smiled to myself because moments like this are to be treasured

Partly because I am so excited to spend a chilled out Christmas with my family we are always so busy, and mostly because I can’t believe how having children has chilled me, here I was allowing Joe to decorate and build the ginger bread house, make structural and design decisions. And even take charge of the icing bag.

Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley
Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley
Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley
Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley
Building Gingerbread Houses With Laura Ashley

After an initial spell of itchy fingers and dying to take over, I allowed Joe to take control. Let me tell you as a total control freak I have come a long way. Being a mum has changed me so much; my inner control freak has chilled out. Long gone are the days of me super gluing Lego buildings together so the boys don’t break them. Yes, I did that! Allowing them to be happy and creative is far more important than me achieving the perfect version of a ginger bread house. And actually, it turned out pretty perfect anyway.

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  1. Ah love the look of concentration on Joe’s face. What a lovely thing to do together, and you are so right about finding new festive traditions as they get older. Though we did see Santa last night at Winter Wonderland, and each year I keep thinking surely this is the last year x


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