Budapest, Southampton And Happy Memories.


Hello, how is it Friday already? This week has been a whirlwind for so many reasons. You know lovely readers that I thrive off busy, but this week has given busy a whole new new meaning. But hey sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

But I am going to start with the biggest cloud last week.

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Losing My Gorgeous Nan

I actually found out at around 1pm last Friday, I didn’t talk about it last week as quite honestly, I was in shock. She wasn’t ill, although she was in a home and had dementia. The last time I saw her she was happy and thought she was on a fabulous holiday, so that gives me comfort to know as he ended her days in her own happy bubble, rather than being in pain or frightened. She ended her days happy.

Growing up she was such an inspiration, whilst other Nan’s baked and were traditional, my Nan was a career woman, she ran warden control homes and at times area managed a few. She dedicated her career to ensuring elderly people lived their lives out in a happy place and were cared for.

She was also travel obsessed, and was always on the go and mega busy. Hmmm I wonder where I get it from? I am so sad I will never get to see her again, but have so many wonderful memories.

Me and Nan

About 20 years ago I had a bit of a wobble and loosing my grandparents and spent a couple of months asking her all sorts of questions about her childhood and how she met my Granddad. I wrote it down but can’t for the life of me remember where it is? However I do remember an awful lot of it, poor old Nan, I virtually shone lights in her eyes! But she did like a good old chat, her eyes used to light up when she talked about the old days, ever the hard stuff like being an evacuee and the war.

I just want to give a shout out to all the wonderful people we were on the cruise with, they were amazing. The only thing to do was to keep going. However the group we were travelling were so caring and supportive. You all have no idea how much that meant, so thank you. xx

Visiting Budapest

Budapest was an odd day, I felt a little odd being the day after the news, I didn’t know how to act if I am honest. However I know Nan woulds have wanted me to crack on and be professional but also to enjoy just a wonderful part of the world. So that is what we did.

Doors Of Budapest
Budapest Cathedral

Chris and I explored Budapest, which has to be one of the most stunning cities ever! I know I say that every time I travel don’t I? But it was breathtaking. We shared stories and memories, stopped for food and wine and both agreed we need to go back. The places River Cruising reaches are truly extraordinary.

Coming Home To The Boys

This is the first time we have ever left the boys for a week. Joe and Toby had had a fab time with their Grandma and Granddad. And Jack had managed to keep the house reasonable tidy! I wont mention the mountain of smelly festival clothes in the washing basket!

I was wonderful to have our little family all back together again, although I don’t think they really noticed we were not there. But that’s how teens roll isn’t it?

Visiting The Crown Princess

Wednesday I drove down to Southampton to spend the day on the Crown Princess for the launch of the Ocean Medallion. I will be talking about this over on Cruising With Kids soon, but its a wonderful innovation and will make cruise life so much easier. Not that it was ever hard, but sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.

Adults pool on the Crown Princess

The highlight of the day was hanging out with the cruise bloggers I have got to know over the last couple of years, It takes a while in blogging to find your groove and people you trust. I have been so lucky with Extraordinary Chaos to have found friends that have become true life friends and people I love. Its taken a little longer with CWC but I feel we are getting there now.

The Build

Woohoo we have walls up to damp proof level and foundations, the rest should be a lot quicker. I think it’s the planning and footing that takes longer, however we are pretty chilled about it all. Things are moving along and that’s all that matters.

Elemis Pro Collagen And Frangipani Products

I have used these products before and love them! This set was from the QVC Todays Special Value. Do you ever buy those? There are always such amazing offers on, I mostly always buy my products from QVC when they are on special. It was wonderful coming home to a parcel of loveliness, and after a week of partying and sun it was very much needed.

Elemis Products from QVC Todays Special Value

I have used the Pro Collagen and Frangipani products before and absolutely love them, they are super rich and nourishing and so far the results are great although having used them before I have full confidence in them anyway.

The Week Ahead

As I type this we are on our way to London, we have a Wedding and 21st this weekend so it promises to be another crazy one. However we figure we will rest in October or November, life is for living.

Have an amazing sunny weekend whatever you are up to, see you next week?

I was invited onboard the AmaMagna and Crown Princess as a guest and was gifted the Elemis products, but all opinions are my own. However I do blame a week partying on the AmaMagna for the need of Elemis Anti Ageing products ha ha! Who said River Cruising was dull? They have seriously never cruised with AmaWaterways!

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

7 thoughts on “Budapest, Southampton And Happy Memories.”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Your nan sounds an awesome person to have in your life. Tough to hear at any time, but I wonder if she’d have got a bit of a kick to know you were on holiday. Budapest sounds amazing, as does the cruise. We’ve not left our teens yet. I wonder if they would miss us. You really do have a busy time, but you are so right about life is for living. Have a lovely weekend in London. #wotw

  2. Oh no! Sending massive hugs. I am so sorry about your Nan. It is nice that she ended her days happy, still very sad though. She sounds like an amazing woman. I think your Nan would have loved you travelling but it’s natural to feel strange about it.
    The Crown Princess looks amazing!
    Have a fab weekend! x

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your nan, she sounds like a wonderful lady and I’m glad you had plenty of chats with her. The cruise sounds like it was amazing. I love hearing about your travels and the ship looks stunning. Sometimes all you can do is carry on, life certainly is for living. Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  4. So sorry to read about your Nan, she sounds a really lovely person, and glad she went happy.
    I always remember my gran doing “the old peoples meals on wheels” and was still doing it into her 70’s
    A cruise has never appealed to me. #WotW

  5. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Nan, and am sending big virtual hugs your way. She sounds like a wonderful lady and how lovely that you did take that time to ask her about her memories. I am sure she must have loved sharing them. Hopefully the piece of paper will turn up somewhere! Budapest looks like a beautiful city although I can well imagine it must have been a very bittersweet day out there. Crown Princess looks like a beautiful ship to go for a cruise on. Hope this week has been gentle with you x #WotW


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