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This week Joe is attending the birthday party of one of his favourite girls at School, as a result I have been looking for a present for her. She is the cutest girl and do you know I have really struggled knowing what to buy her. Also this week a colleague at work was discussing TOWIE and the Kardashians, which her daughters love. She could have been talking another language as far as I was concerned. She was a bit perplexed by this and asked what we watch in our house when I told her Cops with cameras, Deadly 60, Bear Grylls and football she looked at me with sympathy. 

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That’s when it occurred to me that parenting Boys and Girls could be so different. This got me thinking about the differences I have noticed between my friend’s girls and the boys. Now please this is means by no means meant to generalise, stereotype or offend anyone this is only my experience of having Boys, and having friends with Girls. 

If you would have told me 20 years ago I would love Climbing walls, Zip wires, and tree trekking I would have laughed at you, because I was a stereotype pink and sparkly and all things pretty loving, girly girl. I don’t know whether it is having boys, or just being a parent that has made me more adventurous and laid back. Jack and Joe are into everything that involves danger and getting as dirty as possible.

I compare to this to my friends with Girls and the differences seem vast. We are always entertaining friends at home of visiting friends, this way the children are all involved. Joe is a complete outdoors type he would be in the garden climbing as soon as he got out of bed if I would allow it. When friends with Boys come to our house they accept this and bring their children in playing out clothes so they can get dirty, climb and play football with not much stress. Some of my friends with girls(not all) bring them in white frilly socks and pretty dresses and then feel stressed that these pretty outfits will be ruined climbing a tree. 

Now fortunately some of my friends are starting to cotton on that for whatever reason if a child goes into my garden they come back out filthy, but they always have fun. Isn’t it better to let then play and just be children and accept they will get dirty than stress offer keeping them looking clean and tidy. 

It seems that although we try to let our children be individual and be who they want to be, there are at times some huge differences. I accept part of a daily life that living in my home;

  • I will at times trip over a scooter or get hit by a football, or even shot by a Nerf gun. But don’t get me started on them ggrrr. 
  • My children’s clothes must be changed every day; they will always be muddy at the end of the day.
  • That every football match ever played must be watched on T.V and discussed, if it is an important match sometimes replayed.
  • I am expected to go on every fast ride invented, climb climbing walls, tree trek, stand at the side of football pitches in the pouring rain.
  • Watch people getting arrested on T.V again and again and again zzzzz.
  • Have to look at Ant, and Snail farms and discuss how Billy and Bobboy the snails are doing on a daily basis.
But do you know what I adore having Boys, We embrace and encourage their adventurous sides. And love spending time in their company, they have great sense of humours(except when they are bickering). Yes, it’s a shame that when we go to Disney world next year, I won’t get to have dinner with Cinderella or Belle, or go in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I know for a fact the Boys would rather starve than do that. But I will be  dining with Stitch, Mike, Sully, Chip N Dale, and doing Boy stuff which these days; is what I do best. And  enjoy every minute. But if they came home one day and said Mum I want to be a ballerina I would support that to.

2 thoughts on “Being a being a Mum to Boys”

  1. Absolutely brilliant post… After having Noah and being so used to hunting for bugs, climbing trees, standing on the train bridge watching the trains come and go… when Els came along I did think to myself for a moment “What are we going to do for fun?” Thankfully, Els really likes doing all of the things that Noah used to and would prefer to be in her jeans and trainers alongside doing the girly stuff like having her teeny tiny nails painted bright pink xxx


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