Beaches Resorts, Just A Hop And A Jump From Disney


Now it’s not secret I have been wondering where to say to chill out for a few days after our great Disney Adventure. I have spent hours studying hotels, and some very beautiful ones too. But nothing quite gelled or inspired me to book. You see I had a vision in my head of the perfect chill out hotel for us and I hadn’t quite found it.

It’s so funny how sometimes your children can answer your questions without realising it. Joe for some reason has started listening to Bob Marley recently. He loves Three Little Birds, one night last week he was singing along to it, and it struck me.

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So many of our friends bob over to the Caribbean whilst visiting Florida, why couldn’t we, it had to be an option? I started researching and this is what I came up with.

[HQ]_Family_surfkids_1It is only takes 2 hours to fly to Turks and Caicos, and a 15-minute transfer to the stunning Beaches resort.

If you use your Avios Air Miles to book your flight, the outward journey is from £12.00, depending on when you travel. We can’t get a bus to Manchester for that price. So we are flying from Miami to Turks and Caicos for less than the price of a bottle of sun cream, wow.

[HQ]_Beaches_EpicCampaign_EXPLOREBeaches Turks & Caicos  Resort Villages & Spa is just the perfect beach holiday for families, and perfect for chilling after Disney, why? Because it offers the best of both worlds, Chris and I will want to chill, stroll on the beach, look at sunsets, sunbathe, read a book, and enjoy a cocktail at the swim up pool bar. We want to chat and reflect on our time at Disney, with a glass of wine over a long drawn out lunch.


But whom am I kidding that the boys will want to do this; they will be happy for about an hour. And then they will start fidgeting, telling us they are bored, then Joe will get really hungry (that is how boredom affects him) And trust me when Joe is hungry he convinces himself he may not make it through if he can’t eat immediately.

Then we will give chilling up as a bad idea. I bet it’s the same for every family isn’t it? Children need to occupy their brains. Keep active and moving all the time, so a family holiday has to suit the whole family.

[HQ]_Beachesactivites_bananaboatWell, hoorah, I am extremely confident that they can never ever get bored at Beaches Resorts. There is so much to keep this active pair busy. There is a huge water park, which already Joe is beside himself about visiting, scuba diving, a DJ academy, a Surf Simulator. Can I let you into a little secret? I am desperate to have a go of this myself.

[HQ]_Beachesactivites_surfsim_1There is a kids only swim up pool bar, lazy river, beach volleyball, beach soccer, scavenger hunts, glass bottom boat rides, pizza making reggae jam sessions, I could go on and on. I just know they are going to love it.

Beaches have almost every type of sport imaginable, on land and in water. I just know not only are we all going to love it as a family, we will not want to come home. Joe and I can’t wait to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster; I don’t think you ever really grow out of Sesame Street do you?


So what about food, where are we going to eat? Well, this is going to be a huge issue I have no idea! There are 20 restaurants serving delicious food from all around the world. They all look so incredible but we are never going to fit them in to 2 days, they all look so amazing?

[HQ]_Beaches Epic Campaign DIVERSEI think we are just going to have to chill when we get there and go with the Caribbean flow, see where the mood takes us on arrival.  But dining for me is a huge part of a holiday, getting dressed up and enjoying family time over a beautiful meal, I can’t wait to eat dinner with the sound of the waves in the background.

[HQ]_Entertainment_limboparty_1So after all that searching I have finally found somewhere that tick’s all the boxes, will offer something to make each and every one of the Christie family happy. You see the problem always was, our Disney Adventure is going to be so incredible, it will be a hard act to follow.

I know we have found the perfect resort to chill on the beach, lap up the Caribbean sun, spend family time, and keep the boys active, busy and happy.  It really does tick all those boxes and we cant wait to visit.

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8 thoughts on “Beaches Resorts, Just A Hop And A Jump From Disney”

    • Thanks Angela, it looks amazing doesn’t it I cant wait, I have a feeling the boys will want to go back, us too xx

  1. Really glad you’re going to do a Beaches trip – I think you’ll love it from what I’ve seen. We’re going to the Beaches resort at Negril in Jamaica and I absolutely can’t wait, so I’ll watch with envy while you’re there until I can get my own fix 🙂

    • Ah thanks Helen, yes we are so excited, its only a short trip but I have a feeling we will be back after that ha ha, cant wait to read your experience xx

  2. Oh My GOD!!!!!! I want to go there so badly. It looks so perfect and you’re tying it into your Disney trip, which means you’re literally going to have the trip of my (and my kids’) dreams. Can’t wait to read all about it all in a few weeks! xx

    • Ah Heledd wish I could take you all with me, I know it really is turning into the trip of my dreams I must say I cant wait to get there, and its so easy to get to from the states x


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