Baking, Dog Training And Uncertainty


I did think whether to write this post, but figured we need some kind of normality, that’s so hard to find at the moment. But am also hoping sharing my fears and also whats keeping me going and positive will help others see we are all in this together.

I feel like I am writing from such a different place this week, to 3 weeks before when we went to watch Back To The Future. It’s odd to think our world has changed forever. That sounds so dramatic, but it’s true. No one will come out of this horrific situation without being affected in some way.

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Like many I’m still reeling from the speed that things have evolved. It feels like we are living through a movie of the future, which of course we are, we are always living in history as it unfolds but this feels so much more so, and a history we would all rather avoid.

Lancashire Countryside

What Are My Concerns?

Of course the health of my family and friends is my main concern Jack has type 1 diabetes which worries me sick. He is so lucky to have a fab boss that has had him working from home, as soon as there was a heightened concern things were put in place, for that I will be eternally grateful.

Chris is part of the essential food chain but is able to work mostly from home , he coordinates engineers servicing food factories to ensure ovens are running. And with many of our friends being front line staff in one way or another, I hope and pray they are all healthy.

Everybody must follow the rules to keep people safe and I worry that not everyone is? Last weekend was a prime example, over 600 people visited our tiny local villages, thankfully we are out of the village. But what about the vulnerable living in the village? And all of those germs being brought in? Thankfully measures have been put in place to hopefully stop this.

I ‘m not worried about being home with my family, although monitoring home schooling feels more like being a prison guard when you have a reluctant teen.

However there will also be lots of family time, cooking meals, chilling and watching movies and gardening. We are the lucky ones, we’re not alone and also have open space to walk to on our doorstep, so I for one will not be complaining. Although I do want the boys to remember this as a time of love and support, rather than one of fear, structured routines and boundaries.

What Am I Doing To Stay Positive And Whats Making Me Smile?

Starting every day with a coffee and cuddle with the fur babies.

Once they have had the initial drama of who sits next to me on the sofa ( they have sofa blankets) we have a quiet half and hour watching the day draw in. Oddly it’s like even nature knows the world is quieter.

Walking said fur babies

Some days getting their leads is on is like herding cats! Alf has a lot of weight to lose, and has developed a link. We are slowly building up his fitness under the vets guidance, it’s lovely to see how proud he is of himself after a gentle walk, he is such a character. But a cheeky boy!


Enjoying the boys baking, thankfully we always have supplies although I am not sure how good it is for the waist line?


I can’t stress enough, if you’re a struggling, do a morning yoga class. It makes me feel so much better and sets me up for the day ahead.


If in doubt craft, it makes me happy and calm, last week I received a glorious aid package from Cricut, I have supplies and am ready to craft. I love that they are keeping us all busy and crafting, that is what I love about being part of the Cricut Family.

Last week I decorated a mug, and have more plans for the week ahead. Its amazing what I have found stashed in my ready to craft supply!

Mug made with the Cricut Joy
Cricut Craft Supplies

If you are struggling for inspiration check our my fun things to do with paper post. There are some great idea’s for crafty fun with paper and that’s something we all have lying around the house.

Monogram S Paper Cut Made With the Cricut Maker

Getting a lovely parcel from Fantasie

They didn’t have to send anything, businesses have so much on at the moment, so to send something just to make you smile goes such a long way. Thank you guys it means a lot. And how gorgeous is this Memoir set in slate?

Lingerie from Fantasie

Supporting Local Businesses

It’s been horrific watching friends and family worried sick about their businesses and not knowing what to do for the best. I decided to source local buisnesses who are still stocked with supplies. Also restaurants who are offering take away food in Clitheroe and Pendle. Whilst we can it’s so important to keep local businesses going.

The Week Ahead

We are going to start decorating the lounge, if nows not a good time them I dont know when is?

I also aim to get a recipe live, something quick and easy with store cupboard essentials. And Chris and the boys have a weekend planned working in the garden.

Keep safe everyone, and remember we can do this, see you next week. xxx

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3 thoughts on “Baking, Dog Training And Uncertainty”

  1. The way the world is now is like something from a movie.
    It is shocking how people acted last weekend. They treat it like a bank holiday weekend. It seems now people are listening and are staying inside more.
    It sounds like you have been doing some lovely things.
    Sending love and hugs. Take care & stay safe x

  2. I think the message has finally got across to people. It’s lovely and quiet in our area. Luckily for us we have a lovely garden which we can spend time in as a family. It’s such a weird time for everyone.

  3. I used to love my yoga practice it really does make a difference on your well being. However, I’ve put crafting aside, I’ve tried my picking up my crochet but just can’t focus. I’ve also found it difficult to read, until today, in which I almost read a book in one go. Maybe my brain is starting to accept the situation an calming down. You are lucky to live somewhere quiet, even if it was disrupted for a while. We live in a city suburb, but at least we have a garden. Keep safe x


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