Back To The Future, Chunky Pugs And Preparation.


Hello, how are you, I didn’t post an update last week, purely because we had had a very chilled week, not much went on. But this week the world has been turned upside down in so many ways.


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So first! Alfie has moved in and we are all in love with him. We have been toying with the idea of getting another dog for a couple of months. However having rescued both of our dogs in the past there was no question we would do the same again so decided if it’s was meant to be it would happen, and then Alfie came along.

Alfie is a chunky 5 year old pug with attitude, but is also sweet, loving and totally adorable. You know that scene in Bridesmaids when Annie want to sit in business class? That’s exactly what Alf is like every time he has to sit in his bed. He is one stubborn boy. He plays dead like an actor! But look any those eyes?

Alfie our rescue pug

You have to be prepared for a lot of training and patience when rescuing, but so far this little guy is a quick learner. The absolute best thing is that he and Toby adore each other, so much so they are making yoga very difficult for me.

Introducing a rescue do to your family

A Meal At The Ivy

On Wednesday night we left Jack in charge of the dogs and took a trip into Manchester for the theatre and dinner. It’s not often I get Chris to the theatre so it was a welcome change and a lovely evening. We booked dinner at the Ivy Asia, I have dined at the Ivy several times but never the Asia, but omg its my favourite of all the dining experiences at the Ivy.

The Ivy Asia Manchester

I just love how the Ivy has different floors dedicated to different menus. For transparency I only booked the Asia as the floor looked amazing, and wow it didn’t disappoint. Yet also, the food, atmosphere and service was glorious, I can’t wait to go back. And watch this space I am going to learn how to make Bao Buns they are now my favourite food!

The food at the Ivy Asia
Trying out the Ivy Asia-2

Back To The Future

Since attending the preview event in October, I have been so excited about seeing Back To The Future and totally lived up to my expectations. The special effects were incredible, in fact they blew my mind at times, yet the show also stayed true to its 50s roots. If you loved the film the show will not disappoint. I always prefer theatre versions, they bring films to life and Back To The Future did exactly that.

Back to the Future the Musical The Palace Theatre Manchester


Now for the elephant in the room, Coronavirus! The world feels like its going mad, it’s all quite worrying.

Watching the cruise and indeed travel industry collapse like a pack of cards has been heartbreaking.

All we can do is ride the storm and I have prepared a post with a list of store cupboard essentials, this is not about panic buying soup, its about preparing for an almost inevitable situation. As a mum its important that we are prepared at home, and that includes being able to cook healthy meals and Jack making sure he has plenty of medication.

Easy Family midweek meals

The Week Ahead?

God only knows? Next week I have plans to meets friends, have my nails done and do more training on the dog front. Hopefully life will remain pretty normal for us all. So thats it, sending lots of love at this difficult time and hoping you are yours stay healthy and happy.

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3 thoughts on “Back To The Future, Chunky Pugs And Preparation.”

  1. Hello Alfie,
    He’s a real cutie. I didn’t even know there was a Back to The Future Musical, that sounds exciting. I do my shopping online and normally start it on a Saturday, this week I decided to do it a day earlier and there are no slots available until Wednesday. We are certainly going to be working through our staples.

  2. Aww! Alfie is adorable! I hope he’s settling in well. I am glad he’s getting on with Toby.
    It sounds like you had a lovely evening at the Ivy. It looks beautiful there.
    I did not know there was a Back To The Future theatre show.
    Have a great weekend x

  3. Oh what a beautiful dog Alfie is, just seeing photos of him made me smile this morning. I’m glad you managed to get out for a meal at the Ivy and enjoyed your theatre trip. It’s been quite scary how quickly things have changed and how reading about trips to restaurants and theatres feels like another world now. Hope that you and your family stay safe x #WotW


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