Autumn Styling With Mixed Metallics


This rain and the dramatic drop in temperature have brought on a real desire to hibernate. Or is it just me that wants to curl up with a cup of coffee by the fire on these cold nights?

Last week I was in Greece applying factor 50. Yet this week I have noticed the nights are drawing in sooner and people are starting to Instagram autumn leaves. Noooooo.

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But hey there is no point moaning its time to pull out the snuggly pjs and light the fire. And if I am honest that is one of my favourite sort of evenings. BBQ season is over and roast dinners season is back. And lets not forget the law that you must drink Bailey’s in December! It wont be long now!

It’s that old School term thing, I am sure being a teacher never leaves you, to me September feel like a new year. Exciting and full of promise and new opportunities, I love autumn as all it brings with it.

Autumn Styling in Cool Mixed Metalics with Debenhams AW 17

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Cozy Autumn Accessories form Debenhams

Autumn Winter Interiors with Debenhams

Inspirational Cushions and Autumn Styling from Debenhams

So, full of excitement for the New Year Joe and I head to Debenhams last week to buy some transitional pieces. Mixed metallic’s to brighten my home yet make it feel cozy at the same time.

Piece of advice; 11-year-old boys do not offer the best guidance when shopping for home furnishings. After 10 minutes Joe was bored of choosing and chose to get comfy on a sofa with his phone, constantly texting are you ready yet? He clearly had no idea what a big decision it was between the ultra furry and soft furry cushions.

In Joe’s eyes we should have also purchased the velour effect rhino head. I have to say not buying it is a decision I regret, it was super cute. But that’s not something I want to admit to him in a hurry. If you saw my insta stories he sat for some time with it perched in front of his face so it looked like his head! It looked cute if I am honest, but of course did the standard don’t touch the display, parenting thing!

Anyhow I digress,

Here are some of my top tips to create a transitional autumn home style with a few pieces 

Keep it light, pinks are still very much a thing and fit so well with smoky greys.

Soft fluffy cushions give that snuggly feel; yet can still look refreshing and cool in light metallic shades.

Use a darker accent shade to highlight the look

Get the candles out, I love this time of year when you can not only smell them but also see them dancing lights across the walls and ceiling

Mix up the metallics, metallics look almost muted and much cooler when mixed together

Add a bit of greenery, I will let you into a secret one of my succulents is faux! I picked it up in Debenhams last week. How cute is that? And I can’t kill it!

And lastly a snuggly blanket, perfect for drinking coffee, wine or Bailey’s and watching X Factor under and as the rain lashes the windows.

John Rocha - Silver coral shaped pillar silver candle holder Debenhams

Be bold be brave be you, cosmo cushion Debenhams AW 17

Large Silver Candle Holder Debenhams

Mixed Metallic with Debenhams

We may have a late burst of summer, but its time to get ready for those lovely snuggly autumn nights and embrace them.

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Autumn Styling in Cool Mixed Metalics with Debenhams AW 17


30 thoughts on “Autumn Styling With Mixed Metallics”

  1. I only said last night that I can’t wait for Autumn evenings now and to start lighting the candles. I know you can obviously light them all year round candles are made for Autumn and Winter. Oh and my succulents are all fake too, I kill every plant I own x

  2. I totally agree with you Sarah, just before we went away I was still hanging washing on the line to dry and now just 10 days later the heating is on and the fire ready to be lit! But yes Autumn is here and we may as well embrace it. Gorgeous tips X #HomeEtc


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