Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds


Summer had flown again hasn’t it?

It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was happily ordering garden furniture for those long summers days in the garden. And now it is nearly over and I am lovingly packing it all away in my new Asgard Garden Shed for next year. It feels like it has taken forever to get the garden how we want it to be. So the space is perfect for our family who is growing up far to quickly.

In fact this year saw a little bit of a landmark in the garden as we made the decision to take the boys play house down. It was a gift to the boys by a family friend many years ago. They have enjoyed many happy hours playing in it. In fact I remember it arriving, we fitted a tiled floor, and curtains at the windows.

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We purchased a little play kitchen and tables and chairs, and the boys spent ages out there. Our little house was part of life, where the boys happily pottered as we sat in the garden with a glass of wine after a long day at work.

But then the inevitable happened and they stopped playing in the little house. It became sad and unloved, just somewhere for them to store scooters, skateboards and other modes of transport they were told to tidy up.

Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds

Call me sentimental, but it made me so sad

This little house had given them many happy hours. Yet there it was sad and unloved, used as a bike store. I made the decision to move it on; it needs a little TLC but is moving to my beautiful little God Daughters garden.  I know she will love and appreciate it, and I know her Mum will lovingly restore it. Put the curtains back at the windows and it will be played with for many years to come. Our family is growing up and changing as are our needs as a family.

Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds

Now I am reclaiming the space

For years our garden has been overrun with kiddies toys, cars and bikes. But I have decided to use this little space and have replaced the house with a storage shed just for pretty things.

You see, the Christie boys have no time for pretty things; cushions, lanterns and flowers are not on their agenda. It’s all about sports equipment, bikes and sledges. Our other shed, which I keep pondering on whether to convert to a garden room! Is packed with enough equipment to keep a small sports club going for a year.

But they use it, they are always in rummaging, pulling out bikes, and throwing in sledges laden with snow. It’s not a good place to store my pretty cushions, and tables. They will not last a winter in that shed.

When the lovely people from Asgard offered me a solution,  my very own she shed. The perfect size to store all my own garden goodies in, somewhere I can lock, hide the key and keep all my lovely things save and dry until next summer arrives.

Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds

Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds

Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds

You can choose a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs but I went for a cream 5×3 shed. Perfect for storing my furniture, cushions etc.  Ordering was easy and my shed was made to order, delivered and laid out to make building easy. I am not going to lie; I left this to Chris, it only took him an hour. And he informs me it was easy to build with clear and simple instructions. You just need to ensure you have a hard standing base to build the shed upon.

I have filled it with all of our lovely garden things, things I want to keep safe and dry.

It is all safely locked away until next year and hopefully a long hot summer. And the play house will be getting a lovely makeover ready for a few more years serving as a castle to a little princes. Oh and I am hiding the key, I have already seen Joe eyeing it up for his bikes!

Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds


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12 thoughts on “Storing Summer Away With Asgard Garden Sheds”

  1. These kinds of sheds are great , especially when they don’t take up too much space but fit in all your bits and pieces. Sounds perfect and a playhouse makeover sounds like it will be a lot of fun! #HomeEtc

  2. Oh How Lovely, I would love a little summer house, my friend has one and has made it into a “Gin Shed” its absolutley amazing! #HomeEtc

  3. Yay!!! You’ve got your own she-shed!!!! FANTASTIC!! I am beyond happy with mine — having my own space is literally a dream come true. Best things EVER!! Made me feel very sad about the little house though — we have one for the boys and it makes mke want to cry to think of it standing unloved!! It’s so full of life and noise at the mo!! Thanks so much for linking up chick xx #HomeEtc

    • I cant wait to see yours Caro, mine is the perfect place to keep all my lovely garden things nice without the boys bikes and skateboards trashing them x

  4. I’m so with you on getting rid of the playhouse. We still have my daughters pink house and she is 10. I cannot bear to get rid of it unless I can visit it. It has particular sentimental attachment. It is taking up good storage space though and I salute you for taking the bull by the horns. Having a she shed I would say is a must for you in a male household – because things just don’t get taken out and put back right do they. Keep that lock on your person at all times. Your cushions will love you for it! #HomeEtc


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