An Early Sunrise, My Sunday Photo


I had other photos planned for today of a gorgeous sunset.

But then this happened, and I just had to share it, as sometimes your children really surprise you and Tuesday Morning was one such day.

I woke up at the usual time, and as I do every day went to wake the boys. But Joe was not in his bed, I checked the floor because you just never know with Joe. But no Joe!  Now this is odd, because unlike most other kids the Christie boys can sleep for England. They have to be dragged out of bed every day.

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After a little investigation I found him down stairs in the lounge in the dark. He had woken up seen the view and grabbed my camera. And this is the photo he took, unedited. Actually it blows the socks off my picks, and rightly so, he is so proud of it.

An Early Sunrise, My Sunday Photo


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