Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire Kids Range


I love those days when you wake up to wall-to-wall sunshine.

You have nowhere to be except enjoying the back garden you have spent all year preparing for this very day. Because lets face it there has not been that many of those days this year. Not in the sunny north anyhow. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out the new Ambre Solaire kids range.

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Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

Any one that knows me understands my love hate relationship with sun cream. This dates back to the days of having a toddler that would throw himself to the floor in protest at the thought of putting sun cream on. It was like Jack had a sun cream radar. As soon as the factor 50 came out, he hit the deck. Let me tell you it gives me shivers thinking about that period of my life. My hands full of sun cream, him sliding about on the floor like an eel I was unable to grab hold of.

We quickly realised there were only a few possible solutions. Never go on holiday, leave him at home, holiday in cold countries or search for something more suitable. We quickly and rather desperately discovered aerosol spray lotions. It took a while to convince Jack that these little cans of joy were his friend, rather than the dreaded cream that is impossible to rub in and left him looking like a rather angry ghost.

But slowly he came to trust us. Yes, it was that bad, he had a real fear of sun cream! And started to allow us to apply his sun spray without a fight. It cost a fortune back them too, and having to keep applying to keep him covered but it was worth it.

Since that day I have never used cream lotion

In fact if I have even bought it by mistake I have given it away. We never tried it with Joe. We could not face it. So when I got the chance to try Ambre Solaire’s new kid range my heart sang at the thought of a factor 50 kids spray.

The spray lotion is an anti sand spray.

It has a sand-repelling agent allowing the sun cream to absorb without sand sticking to the skin. I knew I would love it and I did. It is easy to apply and does not feel greasy. Perfect for when we are traveling and the boys are just to busy to have sun cream applied. Spray is simply so quick and easy.

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

I was a little more nervous about the wet skin lotion.

In fact I put it on the kitchen table and eyed it nervously for some time before taking the plunge and trying it out. Seriously those scars run deep. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I think the fact that it is more of a gel cream texture, rather than thick gloopy cream means it goes on really easily.

Now I am not going to rush out and buy a huge supply and trade it in for spray lotion. However I will always have one of these in my travel bag. It is perfect for applying to the face and shoulders. Joe is always in the pool when we are away, and has been caught wiping spray from his face as I apply it. On our last trip he burned his face as a result.

He was happy to apply the wet skin lotion to his face and found it easy to rub in. It disappeared into the skin quickly and within minutes he was off playing.

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire kids range

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

Sun Protection With Ambre Solaire

In reflection

I love, love, love the Anti Sand Spray, and I love the fact it come in factor 50. Products like this are not always marketed towards families. In fact I have since purchased more for our trip to Dubai next week. And the wet skin lotion is perfect for water babies. It is easy to apply and worthy of a place in your travel bag, in our case to save little faces from burning.



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