Adding Extra Seating With A Faux Fur Bean Bag.


Yay the end is almost here, I can feel it. Ok we have a whole garden to sort. At the moments it’s looking ugly and broken from all the chunks we had to take out to allow for the building works. But that’s a worry for another day. Last week we added extra seating to the garden room with a faux fur bean bags and it was a triumph.

For extra seating ideas for conservatories add a  Faux Fur Beanbag

We are creeping towards the end of the interior jobs. There is one ever so gorgeous reading chair to arrive next week. A clock to choose (although we can’t agree on one, the sofa took a year to choose). The last few skirting boards to paint. Oh and a super cool electric fire to arrive, that is there for emergencies such as super cold snowy days.

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But last week something arrived that should have been quite underwhelming. When in fact it changed the shape and feel of the garden room altogether. That my friends is a faux fur bean bag and footstool in arctic wolf.

Extra seating ideas with beanbags
Beanbags and chill areas for teens

Now we do have garden bean bags from Bean Bag Bazaar, and they have shaped how we use the garden.

We actually argue over the beanbags! I kid you not! However I wasn’t sure how indoor bean bags would fit into daily life. I knew we would use them! They should be listed as a useful home item, or is it only us that gets lots of visitors?

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The faux fur bean bag have made the sofa redundant.

But what I never factored was; That sofa that took a year to choose. That I tirelessly trawled sofa stores with my Mulberry handbag, looking for a shabby chic Chesterfield the same colour of said bag! (Let me tell you I got some eye rolls.) Has now been all but made redundant by the Christie teens and one faux fur bean bag and footstool.

I kid you not, since the beanbags have arrived they haven’t touched the sofa. Now this makes part of me weep, all that money. However the other part of me is jumping for joy as now I am always guaranteed a seat in the garden room. There is no sofa hogging in this house.

Beanbag Bazaar Fur Beanbags
Faux Fur Beanbag for extra seating

Also there is no teen wear and tear on the sofa, because teens seem to wear everything out, not just parents! Inserts laughing emoji, because we do love our boys, but boy are they tiring.

Of course the added benefit is that there is more seating for visitors which is always useful in this house.

Especially as we aim to close off our lounge as a spare room when visitors stay. This was the whole point of extending the kitchen and and adding a room. Extra family space and the ability to close off the lounge for visitors.

Anyhow the moral of this story is a you can never have enough seating. Kids and teens love something you can move around for socialising or vegging in front of Love Island.

Extra seating ideas with Beanbag Bazaar

Visitors also seem to love bean bags, especially after drinking gin and they do cozy up a room and make it feel welcoming and look great.

I was gifted the beanbag and footstool by Beanbag Bazaar, however all my opinions of how said beanbags have adapted to family life so quickly are all my own.

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Beanbag idea for extra seating

6 thoughts on “Adding Extra Seating With A Faux Fur Bean Bag.”

  1. Love, love, love! This would go perfectly in our (currently being decorated) living room. An extra seat is always welcome and i’ll enjoy trying this out with a good book and a glass of something lovely if I win it!

  2. I’m thinking we might add a couple of bean bags – since we decorated the living room I think we’ve got a space just perfect for one and we definitely could use them in our front room now that the kids have that as their own living room.

  3. Love this to SNUGGLE UP … on with a great book, if I get the chance, but probably my son will steal it to sit on it whilst he’s playing on his Xbox.


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