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A Sunset From Kos

A real highlight for me when traveling is tracking the sunset around the globe. There is nothing more grounding, calming and natural than enjoying a sunset wherever you are in the world. 

As such it is something that I always endeavour to spend time enjoying and capturing. This particular evening Joe was off in the kids club and Chris, Jack and I head to the beach bar to enjoy and drink and watch the sunset.

I love that feeling; being all dressed and ready for dinner but still warm and glowing from a day in the hot sunshine. Just chilling with my little family, or in the case part of my family. And enjoying the pink creeping across the sky, Slowly giving way to shades of orange and red.

This was such a wonderful trip, one where Jack got the great news that he had the grades needed for his apprenticeship in architecture. Joe learnt to sail and windsurf, I tried! And Chris and I celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

And moments like this make it all so much more special. I honestly never thought our life would be like this 23 years ago when said I DO. Living in our little terrace house. We had both just finished apprenticeships and had no money. With only dreams and plans for the future and our little dog Edward.

And now? I couldn’t have imagined how amazing our life together would be, that we would have two amazing boys. Dear old Edward left us many years ago at the ripe old age of 18, and we now have our not so little bear Toby (I was a real girly girl before this crazy pair came along) We had no idea the adventures we would all have together, how much we would all laugh. And how wonderful, rewarding, magical, frustrating and heartbreaking parenting can be at times! No one warns you about the latter do they?

But diabetic needles and broken teeth aside, our boys are healthy and happy and a product of 23 years marriage. Not a bad days work really. The real surprise for me is how as life evolves, materialistic things become less and less important and how moments, sunsets and experiences become more and more important, because they are the things you will all ultimately remember aren’t they?

The beach at Mark Warner Lakitira at Sunset
Lakitira Resort Greece at Dusk
The Sunset in Kos from Mark Warner Lakitira
Kos at Sunset

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Thursday 28th of September 2017

This is awesome. All pictures are very lovely. Thanks for sharing this post.

Bear and Cardigan

Sunday 24th of September 2017

I love Greece and this looks just perfect. Wish I was there. Happy Anniversary #MySundayPhoto


Sunday 24th of September 2017

Happy Anniversary - love standing on the beach and watching the sun set.

darren coleshill

Sunday 24th of September 2017

It looks like a glorious place. I've never visited Greece before

Thank you for linking up

Catherine's Cultural Wednesdays

Sunday 24th of September 2017

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely place to have spent it

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