A Spa Day And Afternoon Tea At The Midland Hotel With SpaSeekers


Us parent’s work hard don’t we? Whether it’s manning the fort at home with school runs and feeding a family, or going out to work every day.

We juggle family, home and life like pros. But you know what? Every now and then we need to stop, hand over the reins and treat ourselves. Sometimes we do not do this enough. However making time for us, to be just us, is so important.

And last week that is exactly what I did and head over to Manchester with the lovely Kerri-Ann, Karen and Julia for a catch up and spa afternoon. The Midland Hotel has been such a huge part of my blogging journey. Being the first hotel of my Q Hotel Ambassadorship and I was thrilled to be going back for a visit.

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The afternoon was booked through SpaSeekers, which is a wonderful way of finding Spa Days in your local area and hunting down special offers such as The Autumn Spa Day that we attended.

Afternoon Tea And Spa At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

Spa At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

Pink Coat from Laura Ashley www.extraordinarychaos.com

For a city lover like me, the Midland Hotel in Manchester is the perfect location for a spa day.

Giving me the chance to not only enjoy the main event but also enjoy city life for a day. And you can’t beat afternoon tea at the Midland it’s a real treat. However this was my first visit to the spa as last time I visited the Midland it was under construction.

The afternoon tea was delicious, of course I would never expects anything less from the Midland, I have never been disappointed yet.

When the afternoon tea arrived I really didn’t know whether to eat or photograph it first. It all looked so delicious. Complemented with a glass of fizz and a huge choice of teas to compliment our food, we all spent some time oohing and aahing over the flavour combinations of each sandwich. And oh my, the scones and dessert were just wonderful, you know when you really should stop eating but think it would be rude to not just eat one more cake?

Afternoon Tea At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

Spa Day At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

Afternoon Tea And Cakes At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

Champagne Afternoon Tea At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

After lunch we head to the spa for our treatments. I had chosen the Espa Full Body Aromatherapy Massage.

Sarah my therapist did the most amazing job. I chose the invigorating massage oils, as I much prefer to feel invigorated rather than relaxed. And wow I felt amazing after, I just love how a great massage can make you feel so energised and relive all that tension. I thoroughly recommend Sarah if you are booking any time soon.

Cocoons in the chill room at the Midland Spa www.extraordinarychaos.com

Thr Spa At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

The Spa rooms At The Midland Hotel Manchester www.extraordinarychaos.com

I then floated through to the relaxation room to chill and enjoy a post massage green tea. And as I sat cocooned in one of the pods I felt so very chilled. So chilled that nearly an hour later I was still there! It had to be my favourite chill room in a spa ever.

We did head to the pool for a dip, but by this time were feeling conscious that we had to get back, so head to the changing rooms to get ready for our journeys home. But leaving a whole lot more relaxed than when we arrived after the most wonderful day with great company, food and surroundings.

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Spa Day and afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel Manchester the perfect chill day









17 thoughts on “A Spa Day And Afternoon Tea At The Midland Hotel With SpaSeekers”

  1. Oh I love your creative shots and it looks like you had a great time what a way to unwind and relax together. Sad to have missed out. The food looks delicious too. We all know how much I love cake! lol I have had afternoon tea there in the past always has been lovely. #wrc

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! When I lived in Manchester (in my Uni days) I thought the Midland was the high of luxury and looking at these pictures it seems as if I was right. Sounds like you had the most heavily day. What’s better than a massage and afternoon tea? Nothing! xx

  3. Oh my, this looks incredible Sarah – what a day! I think if I sank into one of those pods, I would never get out again. And the afternoon tea looks a real treat too. Yummy. xx

    • It was so good Pam, oh I do love a spa day but its all about having that time isn’t it? It has got so much easier as the boys have got older x


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