A Postcard From Dubai, Day 3, A Dubai Sunset


Today has been another wonderful day here in Dubai.  And here is my little postcard from Dubai. 

I am a rubbish travel blogger as I fall in love with everywhere I go. But what a wonderful exciting world we live in. There are so many places to see. What I can’t believe, the question I keep asking myself is; why on earth have we not been here before.It is the most stunning place that really does have everything all in one place. The food and service are exceptional. And the people are truly beautiful.

Today we spent the morning chilling by the pool and the afternoon at Sega Planet and The Dubai Aquarium. Joe loved Sega Republic; he was a bit like a child in a sweet shop.

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And the Aquarium although not as big as I expected was beautiful. They have such a wonderful collection of fish. My favourite being the Jelly Fish they were mesmerizing.  I managed to give the king crock a wide berth too as this is my biggest phobia. I can’t even look at them so managed to navigate past with my hands over my eyes. The boys on the other hand spent ages marveling at it! In fact they were thrilled to have seen it.

A Postcard From Dubai, Day 3, A Dubai Sunset

We finished our day at the most wonderful restaurant.

Aprons and Hammers is an incredible shellfish restaurant down by the beach,  and wow it was sooooo good. I love shellfish so this was the perfect restaurant for me and the team were just adorable, all such lovely people. We haven’t had a bad meal yet! But I will share all about the amazing food soon.

For my Sunday photo today I want to share this gorgeous Dubai sunset I caught tonight. It is slightly hazy as I had just jumped out of an air-conditioned car and run to get the pic. It was so hot my camera steamed up. But just a quick note on the heat, although it is hot hot hot, it is a manageable heat. It is not sticky at all, more of a dry heat, which is easer to walk about in. And much better if like me you have mega frizzy hair, my hair has not frizzed once and that never happens normally. That’s a big deal for someone like me with mega curly hair.



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