A Night At The Theatre To See Gangsta Granny, Who Said Grans Weren’t Cool?


On a day where social media feels like the enemy, and all everyone wants to share are political opinions. I am happily surrounding myself of thought of what it would be like to steal the Crown Jewels with my Nan. Because she is cool and always has been!

I am not entirely sure if I would have got her to swim the Thames. But my Nan loves and always has loved adventure. By god that lady knows how to have fun. Even now as she sits in her care home surrounded by confusion, she has turned it in her mind to an adventure. She thinks she is on a wonderful holiday, and whenever I visit recommends it, and says Chris and the boys would love to holiday there.

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And that was for me the biggest message of this incredible, funny and heartwarming show. Our elders are cool. They have seen life and adventure that some of us can only imagine, but we never ask them.

A Night A The Theatre To See Gangsta Granny, Who Said Grans Weren't Cool
A Night A The Theatre To See Gangsta Granny, Who Said Grans Weren't Cool

And this is exactly why I love David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny. We have seen the film and read the books. Joe is of the David Walliams era, he collects the books and adores the man behind them. His wit and humour but also more importantly the life lessons behind his stories. That are fun and exciting, but induce a sense of citizenship and acceptance we could all do with following.

What I really loved about Gangsta Granny is how good we felt as we left the Opera House in Manchester at the end of the show.

Despite it tackling sensitive issues such as loneliness of the elderly and the death of a Grandparent.  The overall feeling is of love, fun, laughter and warmth.

The message of the show is loud and clear, love our elders, listen to them, respect them and spend time with them before it is too late. But it deals with it in a way that inspires young minds and draws then into the life, loves and dislikes of Ben. And how his relationship with his Granny evolves the more he realises what an interesting story she has to tell, despite his parents distinct indifference to her existence.

The set although simple compared to many productions I have seen is genius. And the way that cast move between sets is integrated so well. It became part of the show, which had me engaged from start to end! 

The making of any great show is the cast. And after seeing a film version it is sometimes hard to relate to characters. However the cast was incredible, each one believable and lovable in their own way. This had the children in the audience of all ages totally enthralled in each and every character. No one character outshone the others.

We left with huge smiles on our faces, vowing to see Awful Aunty which premieres in September. Knowing we would love this as much as Gangsta Granny. Because any show that deals with such issues, teaches life lessons, yet leaves you feeling warms and fuzzy has got to be a winner.

A Night A The Theatre To See Gangsta Granny, Who Said Grans Weren't Cool

In my opinion regardless of if you have seen or indeed love the book or film, you have to see the show it will not disappoint. It’s showing until the 11/6 in Manchester at the Opera House and in the West End in July. And isn’t it just wonderful to treat our children to dinner and a show? Even if it is on a school night.

But don’t just take my word for it check out what Colette and Ben at We’re Going on an Adventure think too.

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  1. Sounds like it was a fantastic evening Sarah. We were invited but I already had something on that evening. I never even think to catch a show in Manchester, which is silly as it is so close x

    • Ah thats a shame Tracey as it was so great I really enjoyed it. And Joe and I had a lovely evening with dinner out too x


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