A Little Fizz Glass Wishlist


We all love the opportunity to celebrate don’t we?

And it’s any excuse to get the fizz out. New year, new job, great news, its Friday, it’s nearly Friday! Yes that pretty much sums me up. Any reason to celebrate is a great reason. There has to be something great about everyday doesn’t there?  And if there isn’t well like the great Lily Bollinger says sometimes you just have to commiserate, or words to that effect.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about guzzling copious amounts of fizz each and every day, that would make it boring. Wouldn’t it?

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Making A Family Christmas Eve Box x

It is important to always be prepared. You can’t celebrate if you haven’t got a cheeky bottle of fizz in ready. Or the right glasses to drink it from. Have you ever tried to drink fizz from a tumbler? It is a seriously disappointing experience, makes the fizz taste almost warm and flat.

I never forget the day we moved into our new home and drank Bollinger from plastic tumblers, a never to be repeated event, that felt almost like to a crime to all things fizzy.

Having the right glasses is crucial.

And once you have the right glasses then in the Christie house it is a case of ensuring the survival if said glasses. Whether it’s a dishwasher accident or heavy-handed user, glasses do not last long in this house. However I try to save at least one set, hide it to the back of the cupboard. But even that does not guarantee safety.

This has resulted in lots of sets of 3 Champagne glasses. My favourite set is a striking Villeroy and Boch set.  Sadly now a set of 3, and can I get a replacement? It makes me weep every time I get them out of the cupboard, knowing one is missing.

So now is the time ready for celebrating spring and bright sunny days to shop for a new set. Part of me thinks galvanized steel, plastic so they can stand the test of time, drinks with friends and long summers days. But a beautiful drink needs a beautiful receptacle. Something that looks and feels beautiful, to make the bubbles feel more of a treat.

I have been having a bit of a mooch over on the House of Frazer website and have come up with a little list of favourites.




A Little Fizz Glass Wishlist


  1. Polka Champagne Saucers, Set of 4 assorted colours £30.00 ( I have the wine glasses they are of so beautiful)
  2. Moya Champagne Flute Box Of 2 £28.00
  3. Pearl Champagne Saucer set of 4 £45.00,
  4. LAS Flute set of 4 £45.00
  5. Celebrate Champagne Flute Mother Of Pearl X 2 £48.00
  6. Lulu Champagne Flute Clear Assorted X 4  £40.00

Of course the problem now is to decide which beautiful set will grace my cupboards and make fizzy moments joyous this year.  And then of course wait for that reason to use them. Or maybe a good place to start is a welcome celebration for said new glasses.

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