A Day Baking Cakes In London With L&C


I love cakes, who doesn’t? Cake is the ultimate comfort food. The thing you automatically think of when arranging to meet for coffee with a friend? Because who goes for coffee without cake? The one-thing birthdays just would not be the same without.

Although I shouldn’t be, I am sat with coffee and cake right now. I blame the photos, as I was editing and posting I started to crave coffee and cake. But when my week has been one of those weeks where I have been immersed in all things sweet and delicious, you start to crave it don’t you?

This week I head down to London for a day learning how to bake cake at the Cookery School on Portland Street London with the lovely people from L & C Mortgages. Anyone who knows me knows I do love a cookery lesson. They also know I have a lot to learn. Cooking and baking is something that leaves me aspiring for perfection. Always trying new ideas and recipes, I work in chaos but I love it.

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A Day Baking Cakes In London With L&C

A Day Baking Cakes In London With L&C

A Day Baking Cakes In London With L&C

My first thought when I read this exciting invitation was what on earth have mortgages got to do with cake. But as cakes are firmly part of their new campaign L & C decided to throw the ultimate cake event and invited myself and some truly lovely bloggers to a blogging bake-off.

I was quite blasé about this I will be honest. And this relaxed attitude was very misplaced let me tell you. We arrived to a very warm welcome with the best coffee and cheese scones ever. Everybody chatted and got acquainted, and was feeling very at ease.

Then we were briefed for the competition. 

I am going to be honest at this point I considered running for it. It was not just a matter of leisurely baking a cake. It was a house cake. Yes, you read right, a house in a cake. This would have the most seasoned of bakers sweating. I love baking, but tend to stick to simple cake, or decorated cup cakes.

We were put into teams and fortunately my lovely partner Stephanie was also having a small panic. It felt better to know I was not on my own. And what do you do when you a feeling a bit panicked? You choose a complicated hobbit house.

And to add to the pressure we had just over 2 hours to make and decorate said cake, completely from scratch. Fortunately Stephanie seemed to work in the same winging it style of chaos as me so we made a great team. And whilst the others planned, sketched and prepared we mixed like maniacs, got our cakes in the oven and started to make a hobbit roof.

A Day Baking Cakes In London With L&C

A Day Baking Cakes In London With L&C
The school was buzzing with excitement and with the amazing team supporting us we all created our masterpieces.

Once finished there was not one bad cake amongst us. And whilst we sipped a well-deserved delicious glass of pink fizz, the judges worked through their check lists to find the winning cake. We didn’t win, but were proud of our creation. And the judges chose exactly the right cake as the winner a beautiful pink castle, with such delicate detail.

I left cake in hand ready for the trek back to Lancashire, having had a wonderful day making houses out of cake. And learning that actually baking that cake as worried as I felt, was a piece of cake. And it tastes delicious, meaning I will probably never buy a birthday cake again.

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