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If you are like me and never heard of Europa-Park until recently then read on! I recently visited to find out all about Europa Park and ask the burning question. Is Europa Park For Families?

We have the most incredible theme park just over an hour away by plane. This is a game-changer for me. Ok, I visited alone and have to see what the boys think. But being a lover of theme parks, I am a hard customer to please. And I LOVED Europa Park, OMG, I feel cheated that I had not heard of it sooner.

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You may be asking if it’s so great, why haven’t we heard of it? And I can’t answer that, apart from adding that Germany is a new country to my travel radar. Maybe this made me notice a little more.

I have recently been so fortunate to have enjoyed a  tour of the Baden Baden area, thank you to the lovely people at Fly Baden. And spend time at Europa Park to try out many of the amazing rides. This gave me a real chance to explore what is good and downright incredible about Europa-Park for families. And let me tell you there is a lot.

Here are my top Europa Park tips and facts

How far is Europa-Park from the airport?

Getting to Europa Park from the UK is easy. It is around 40 minutes from Karlsruhe / Baden Baden Airport, which is a 1 hour 35 minutes flight from London.

This makes the park so accessible from the UK. And that’s what we want with kids isn’t it? Short easy flights!

Top tips for visiting Europa Park for a family holiday

Family Holidays at Europa Park

The Courtyard at the Colleseo Hotel at Europa Park

Where is the best place to stay at Europa Park?

You can stay on site at Europa Park, there are a choice of hotels to suit all budget’s and they are all really cool-Europa Park For Families

I stayed at the Colosseo Hotel, which has the coolest Roman themed family rooms. It is a short walk from the special hotel entrance and has a host of restaurants and bars, a pool and a spa for us mums. You can also visit the restaurants in the 4 other onsite hotels. Or should you like camping and want to camp there is also a campsite.

What about the food at Europa Park?

Europa Park offer REAL on site fine dining!

The Hotel Bell Rock is the most beautiful hotel with the most wonderful restaurant area surrounding a lake which hosts the loveliest water fountain displays. You have the choice of the Harbourside buffet restaurant, the Captains Finest fine dining restaurant, we dined here and it was stunning. The food was all so tasty yet the portions not tiny, and omg the lobster bisque, you have to try it. Or if you would prefer something a little more special Ammolite boasts Two MICHELIN Stars.

What is the best age for kids to visit Europa Park?

Europa-Park is set around 15 country themes, there is something for the whole family.

Each country is designed to include the finest details, offering dining, rides, recreation areas and perfect photo opportunities. A huge part of the appeal is the design and theming the attention to detail is incredible.

Family theme park in Europe
The Paris area at Europa Park

Wandering through what feel like Venice is but with wondeful rides to keep the kids happy is the best feeling at Europa-Park

What to do in Germany for families

The rides are immense perfect for families, it suits kids of all ages.

From huge white-knuckle roller coasters, to cute little boat rides the ride experience is fantastic. The water rides are designed to drench but are sooooo much fun. Whilst the roller coasters are wild and scary, guaranteed to make the bravest of people scream with joy. Yet there are also plenty of rides to make younger guests shriek with joy too, with plenty of family friendly options.

And worry not if you love big scary rides and are travelling with children.

There is a fantastic child swap system at Europa-Park, which allows one of the parents to wait in a designated area whilst the other takes the ride. You can then swap over so you only need to queue once.

Is Europa Park Expensive?

The snacks around Europa Park are reasonably priced.

Is it just our children that are always hungry? There are plenty of places to dine all around the park and lots of snack carts. I love the fact that they offer healthy snacks too, such a fruit and pots of melon. Perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

I have a baby are there baby changing areas at Europa Park?

There is a dedicated baby area at Europa Park.

Offering a private nursing area, changing mats, a microwave and baby food store so you can feed and care for little people in comfort.

Family Holiday At Europa Park with teens
Europa Park has rides for all ages
Theme parks in Germany

Getting around the park is easy.

Walking around is half the fun, exploring little corners of the park is so exciting. But should you need a rest the park offers a train and monorail system that goes around the park, transporting you between each country and to the hotels. And trust me when your feet just can’t walk anymore they are not only a godsend but also a great way to see the park. I would recommend taking the train when you enter the park as it is a great way of getting your bearings.

The shows at Europa Park are amazing.

I watched the Europa Park Ice Show during my trip and wow. The production was exceptional with talented performers and amazing costumes. I have seen quite a few ice shows so did have something to compare it too and the work that went into this show must have been immense. I spent some time chatting with the entertainment managers and their passion for the park and the entertainment schedule really shone through. Shows are a huge part of park life with many, many shows running on any given day, offering lots of choice to suit the whole family.

There you have it; there are so many reasons to visit. I just can’t wait to go back again to see what the boys think about it.

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Europa Park in Germany a wonderful family theme park for families of all ages, with great dining options and hotels to stay on site




27 thoughts on “Europa Park For Families”

  1. I loooove amusement parks but haven’t yet made it to Europa Park. It sure sounds and looks like a great park though! Hope I’ll be able to go there soon 🙂 #MondayEscapes

  2. I have heard some really good things about this theme park! I guess it really is worth a visit. And Karlsruhe is a rather interesting city as well, so it could be s combo trip!

  3. I didn’t know about Europa Park until this weekend when it was advertised on the headrests on our Eurowings plane from Vienna! Now, thanks to you, I know even more. I love the idea of the themed hotels and fab to know there are fine dining options too.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I agree with you 100%. I have been going to Europe Park since my oldest daughter was 10 years old she is now 27 and still loving it :-)I now live in Basel so I just have an hours drive so I can get there a bit more often than you. This is by far the best amusement park I have ever visited. I have been to the largest in the US East Coast and to the Disney’s. Everything that you find in the other parks is here but made to be more family friendly and with an eye to detail to make everyone happy. I had took my parents down for a weekend as well and they thoroughly loved it. They are 79 and 80. I also have traveled with my youngest as well when she was only a few months old and enjoyed being there. If you are looking for a good amusement park with something for everyone then you don’t want to pass up an opportunity to go to the best park in the world. The hotels are great the shows are fantastic, the rides are super and the food is good. My 60th birthday is coming up soon and you want to know where i’m going to celebrate it? Right Europapark at the Hotel Coleseo for my birthday weekend. I think that say it all. 🙂


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