6 Amazing Locations For A Road Trip


The world is a beautiful place with boundless wonders to be found and explored. Road trips are a fantastic way of doing that for everyone – whether you are travelling with friends or family, travelling with a medical condition need not make your holiday difficult.

Being a type 1 Mum means organisation is key when travelling. We have always been determined that Jacks medical condition does not effect him travelling and living life to the full.

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Having just booked our 2021 road, sea trip of the California Coast we have a lot of planning to do. And what better way to celebrate booking the trip of a lifetime than chatting about all things road trip. Whether you can take a few days or just a few hours, these are the most amazing locations you should go to for your next road trip. 

Amazing Locations For A Road Trip

Pacific Coast Highway – USA 

Probably one of the most famous locations for a road trip in the United States, California Highway 1 stretches from San Francisco to San Diego. Without stopping, the route would take you about 10 hours to complete – but why wouldn’t you stop? The route is filled with some beautiful sights! The coastal highway passes gorgeous beaches, enticing oceans, and impressive cliffs, as well as passing through quaint seaside towns and those famous for their winemaking.


The Amalfi Coast – Italy

Italy, in itself, is a gorgeous country packed with history and culture – with Florence in particular well worth a visit. But a road trip down the Amalfi Coast is a fantastic way to experience some of the greatest scenery this country has to offer. You start in Naples, known as “the gate to the Amalfi”, and travel down towards Ischia via the coast. Along the way, enjoy beautiful coastal views and historic landmarks.

Pondicherry from Chennai – India

Not all road trips need to be taken by car. This 160km route is ideal for a long bike ride. The east coast road is one of the most breathtaking sights all year round, a vastly unique stretch of road that has tourists surrounded with gorgeous sea views on one side and the magnificent city of Pondicherry on the other. It can take up to 3 hours to complete this journey that travels through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram, and other landmarks such as Idaikkazhinadu (Alabama Fort).

Beach in India

Garden Route – South Africa

This route starts in Mossel Bay in the west and ends at Storms River in the east. While this is a relatively long trip, taking up to two weeks to complete, it has some of the most epic views that show all of what South Africa has to offer. This route offers amazing adventures, glorious animals in their native habitats and striking views of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

North Coast 500 – Scotland

As the name suggests, North Coast 500 consists of a 500-mile route around the north of Scotland. Beginning at Inverness, you will be treated to ancient castles of legendary stature, extraordinary seaside views and picturesque villages that have been around for countless generations. This is an intense trip for the ultimate travel lovers but will be well worth the 2 weeks it can take to complete.

Ilju Road – South Korea

Located on Jeju Island, Ilju Road is one of the most popular drives on the continent. Perfect during the spring season, this journey shows you why Jeju became known as one of the finest holiday destinations. Surrounded by national parks, you can enjoy the views of fantastic beaches and a landscape sculpted effortlessly by the volcanic features of the island.

Whatever your experience level when it comes to road trips, and no matter your family situation or medical history, there is a road trip out there just waiting for you to experience it.

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