5 Tips For Keeping Sun Safe With Sunuva


With less than 2 week before our holiday of a lifetime to Dubai, which is all still a big surprise. All I can imagine is that it will be amazing! I can’t wait to share it all. But the one thing I do know about our trip is it is promises to be hot, hot, hot. Of course we want to enjoy our holiday and to do this I need to make sure the boys are fully protected from the suns harmful rays. So today I am going to share my 5 tips for keeping sun safe.

There is nothing the boys love better than chilling around a pool or on the beach. With the promise of temperatures of 40 degrees plus I am going to be prepared. Hopefully we will get to chill early mornings or late afternoons when it is a little cooler, rather than in the hot mid day sun. Here are my tried and tested, and probably mostly common sense tips to keeping kids sun safe in hot countries.

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5 Tips For Keeping Sun Safe With Sunuva

Sun Cream 

The times I have watched parents battle with their kiddies to rub in sun cream. We discovered years ago that spray on airbrush style sun spray is the way forward. It is quick and easy to apply, and cooling. So the boys do not mind it being applied. This has made such a huge difference to us over the years, and they actually ask for it to be applied when they are feeling hot, just to cool down. It is such a winner I would never travel without it now.

5 Tips For Keeping Sun Safe With Sunuva a


This year we have chosen a cool Sunuva rash vest and shorts. Joe loves rash vests; he sort of accepts that is what you wear in the sun. I think they work to cool him down on hot days. And I know he feels super cool in sets such as these jellyfish shorts and white vest he has chosen. Of course it is great for us as we know they give him extra protection from the suns rays with a UPF 50 rating.


Hydration is such a huge deal, kids are too busy to stop and drink when they are having fun in the sun. I make sure the boys drink water regularly and also eat lots of fruit ice-lollies to keep them cool and hydrated. This is something I need to be so vigilant about with both the boys as they genuinely forget to drink when they are having fun.

5 Tips For Keeping Sun Safe With Sunuva

Eye Protection

Joe thinks he is so cool wearing shades, so this is an easy one for us. Both the boys have shades to protect their eyes, I always check the shades do actually offer UV protection for the eyes. There are lots of cheap glasses about but do they offer UV protection or have the British Standard Mark?

Wear A Hat

This has sort of become part of our holiday routine. We always buy the boys new hats at the airport or during our travels. And we also always take a spare. Mainly because when Jack was little he would not wear a hat, so we made it into an adventure. Now they still like to choose their own hats, and at least I know they will wear them.

Yes, these are simple common sense steps, but they are vital to ensure the sun stays fun. There is nothing worse than sunburn and that shivering feeling of sunstroke. There are also long-term health benefits of protecting from the sun too. Things that were not an issue when I was younger are now huge concerns for us parents.

And of course the sun is good for you if you protect yourself and keep hydrated.

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5 Tips For Keeping Sun Safe With Sunuva a


10 thoughts on “5 Tips For Keeping Sun Safe With Sunuva”

    • I know neither can I it has gone so quick but I am starting to get excited now. And yes I love Sunuva its so cool x

  1. Have an amazing time in Dubai. Super exciting times. Great advice too and spray lotions are so much easier hey? Especially with fidgety two year old twins! Ha ha. Love those lollies – I want one. Xx

    • Ah thanks Kat, I know I am soooo excited now, and yes spray is the way forward with a stroppy I dont do suncream teen too ha ha x

  2. I could have done with these rash vests for the boys when we were in Sardinia! We bought some sweet ones from JoJo but it’s always lovely to have different patterns and designs. Am SO excited for you — not long now until your holibobs!!! 🙂 xx

  3. Honestly, getting sun cream on either of my boys is like trying to slather a huge slippery eel. I now love the sprays you get. I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday. I’m so excited for you!! 🙂

  4. Love the spray lotion as it is so much easier, and having 2 redhead kids I always seem to be reapplying the cream. I cannot wait to read all about Dubai, and so excited for you that it is literally weeks away now x


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