How To Make Apple Sauce For Roast Dinner

A Great Apple Sauce Recipe 

This is not an image heavy, pretty post, but a recording of a happy accident. You know when you forget a vital ingredient for roast dinner. But by the time you realise it is 4pm on a Sunday, dinner is cooking away in the oven and you have had a glass of wine.

On this occasion it was apple sauce and the meal in question was roast pork dinner

No self respecting Sunday roast pork is complete without lashings of apple sauce. So we decided there was only one thing to do, and that was cobble together our own version of apple sauce. Thank goodness for BBC Good Food

Easy Apple Sauce recipe

Can you use any apples to make apple sauce?

We had no cooking apples, but an apple is an apple right?  Using Pink Ladies was clearly a more expensive option than using cooking apples and are not as strong in flavour. But I must declare, although I would use cooking apples next time, any apples will work just fine. If that’s is all you have in, then use normal apples, because let’s face it,  the alternative is pork roast dinner without apple sauce. 

Pink Lady Apples
Apple Sauce recipe

How to make Apple sauce for Roast Dinner 

Ingredients  For Apple Sauce

  • 3 Bramley Apples (If you don’t have this 4 normal apples)  
  • 50g Caster Sugar
  • 50g Butter                                        

Method, how to make apple sauce

  • Peel slice and core the apples
  • Put all the ingredients into a pan and cover
  • Put the pan on a low heat, stirring occasionally for about 15-20 mins until the apples start to break down into a purée.
  • Stir to remove any lumps
  • Serve in a dish ready for your roast dinner

Click for a downloadable PDF version of the recipe 

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Apple sauce recipe for roast dinner and serving with hog roast or pulled pork