10 Myths About Type 1 Diabetes


We have been asked lots of odd questions by well-meaning and kind people along our diabetes journey.  It is such a misunderstood condition, one that has all sorts of myths surrounding it. So I thought I would share a few and dispel those myths.


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  1. Can you walk up the stairs without getting out of breath? I mean seriously? A GP once asked Jack that question when invited into our local surgery for a review. You won’t be surprised to know that after that question we only ever see Jacks wonderful diabetes team for reviews now. And he has NEVER seen that GP since.
  2. Can you have sweets? Yes Jack can eat exactly what he wants, within reason of course. The key is to maintain a healthy diet. But as long as he administers an injection and works out his carbs he can eat it.
  3. Do you have to eat diabetic chocolate? Yes he can eat it, but can also eat normal chocolate, he has to inject for both so it really doesn’t matter.
  4. Do you need to rest often? Jack is so mega active and sporty, as long as he has energy drinks he can do sport all day long. In fact there are many diabetic sports personalities and celebrities.
  5. Are you poorly? As long as Jack manages his condition he will lead a full healthy life. In fact a man messaged me from the States recently to tell me he was diagnosed a 2 years old, he is now 84 and has had a full active and healthy life. Jack is healthier than a lot of non diabetic people I know.
  6. Is Diabetes caused by eating too much sugar? No, it is caused when the pancreas stops producing insulin. This is the hormone that helps to body change sugar to energy. It is generally caused by an incident or virus. We think Jacks was brought on by a bad case of pneumonia.
  7. Diabetes is not that serious is it? Wrong, it is a very dangerous and serious condition that takes lots of hard work to control. Saying this if  correct control is maintained a diabetic person can live as healthy as the next.
  8. Low sugar is not dangerous! Wrong, if a diabetic person thinks their sugar is low ask then to sit down, get them to test their sugar levels. If they are low they must take glucose or eat. Failure to do this can result in a coma.
  9. Well high sugar must be ok then? Wrong again, high sugar causes your body to produce keytones. This is very dangerous as your body then thinks it is starving and slowly starts to eat its own body fat.
  10. How serious is it? Have you just got mild diabetes? I often get asked this by people who are generally being supportive. But no there is just diabetes, 4 injections of insulin a day. Some people unfortunately struggle to manage it, some are incredibly ill; sometimes through no fault of their own. lots of things affect it such as stress, growing, sport, inactivity, illness and many other factors. But type 1 diabetes is type 1 diabetes.P1080797


But do you know what? I always look at my mostly healthy teen, who just needs a drug to help his body manage sugar in his system, and think his diagnosis could have been a million times worse.

Yes he has to look after himself a lot more than other teens. Yes we always have that risk hanging over us, but we know the risk is there. Its easier to deal with something you know isn’t it? Yes I would rather him not have it, but that never been a choice, we have to deal with it in a positive way. It’s the best chance he has of long-term health.

But we are very proud of our brave boy who at 10 took it on the chin, dealt with it, has never once asked why me? or moaned.

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20 thoughts on “10 Myths About Type 1 Diabetes”

    • Thanks Karen and yes he is, we are so proud of how he has dealt with it and how Joe has supported him. Yes you would automatically think you would have to buy Diabetic Chocolate wouldn’t you x

    • Thanks Julia its just become part of life, and yes I would love to help other Mums in my situation as its such a lot of info to take in x

  1. Great post Sarah, while researching G’s condition I learned more about Diabetes. I can see why people get confused though. People never understand anything unless they experience it themselves, I just nod and smile when people as silly questions!

  2. I once cycled the coast to coast with a chap with Diabetes, he was way fitter than me (not hard) and was always doing loads of different sports, but that is as far as my anecdotal knowledge goes, so it was really interesting to hear some actual facts!

    Thank you for linking up to #TheList xxx

    • Thanks Hannah, yes it is surprising. I too didn’t have a clue until diagnosis day.My Nan was type 2 but I never understood it at all. x

  3. Really enlightening post, thank you. My Mum’s family has a history of type 2, not 1 diabetes and I have PCOS so know I am prone and must lead a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  4. Good on you Jack – and well done to you too Mum!
    I had gestational diabetes when I was having Lucy – it’s really scary stuff if you get it wrong. But plenty of planning and concentration and it can be maintained xx

  5. You all sound like ur dealing with it exceptionally well! It must bring difficulties but ur obviously taking it all in ur stride, we’ll done! Brilliant post xx

    • Thanks Ally, yes we do quite well thank goodness. At times it can be a struggle but its amazing what you can learn when you Childs health depends on it x

  6. Indeed, there is misconception about this health condition. I even believed that diabetes is caused by eating sweets more often but it was the pancreas which stop producing insulin. Anyway, is it okay to take ashwagandha root for diabetes? As I was searching for diabetes remedies, it popped up. Btw, this post is truly appreciated. Thanks.


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