How To Save Money When Visiting Walt Disney World


I haven’t talked about one of my favourite subject ever for a while now. But I am thinking that this week I need a little magic in my life. And what better way to inject magic and deflect from serious subjects that Walt Disney World. Just saying the name makes me smile. I want to share some of my tips on how to save money when visiting Walt Disney World

Save Money When Visiting Walt Disney World

You need to do some serious planning to save money when visiting Walt Disney World.

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I would visit every year if I could, no scrap that every season. Because what’s not to love about magic and sparkle and being engulfed in a bubble of happiness?

So that is exactly what I am going to do for an hour of pure indulgence, a little Disney planning and sharing my money-saving tips for visiting Disney.

What age are children free at Disney

Magic kingdom Walt Disney World and money saving tips

The cost of going on a family holiday to Orlando can be a little overwhelming.

Planning a trip to disney world on a budget? With some careful planing it is possible. There are many savings to be made, making a Disney Trip more affordable.

How To Save Money When Visiting Walt Disney World.

How To Save Money When You Are Planning Your Disney Trip

Set up a Disney fund, I find having a Disney payment plan makes me save.

Collect air miles, and getchaap flights to Orlando, this saved us a fortune on our last trip. Ok, we had to fly into Miami and hire a car but the savings were considerable and we got to pay Miami a flying visit.

There is no right age to visit, kids of all ages love Disney holidays, and take kiddies before they are 3 as children under the age of 3 enter the parks free of charge.

If like me you want to stay on site at Disney register for offers and decide which resort you want to stay on way before you book. This gives you plenty of time to study the cheapest time to visit.  And also when the best offers are released as there is generally a pattern.

Look for deals to stay on site at Disney such as discounted rates and free Disney dining.

Add your trip onto trip such as a cruise if you are flying long haul, it may be more costly initially, however you will save a fortune in flights. This also allows you time to extend your stay and and explore the Orlando area. There is so much to do, it really is worth extending your trip for.

The boneyard at Animal Kingdom do you need a car a Disney

How To Save Money During Your Trip To Walt Disney World.

Be aware that if you opt for Disney table service dining the cost of tips can be considerable, so this needs to be budgeted in. However counter service meals do not incur tips and have some great options, the Caesar salad is just amazing.

Characters, breakfast is a cheaper option for character dining  and you still get to see all of your favourite characters. The character dining is one of my favourite parts of Disney, however if you are on a budget breakfast is a great option.

For cheap breakfast, buy cereal bars and fruit for your room. And if staying on site use your free refillable resort mugs (Free with dining plan) for morning coffee.

Take photos on your phone to camera rather that getting a photo package. If you research photo spots before you go, you can get some incredible professional quality photos.

The boat at Downtown Disney

Save money on drinks when visiting Walt Disney World by taking a refillable water bottle! The cost of water adds up during a hot day in the parks. We took Camelbak water bottles and kept refilling them. As they are thermal they keep drinks cool for hours. I have had mine for 2 years and swear by it.

Visit Wal-Mart or shopping malls for souvenirs, snacks and soft drinks you can save so much money but taking a trip here first and stocking up on bargains.

Do You Need A Car At Walt Disney World?

When you’re staying on site you do not need a car, can use all the Disney transportation. Disney transport is free, fun and efficient. And is a great way to save money when visiting Walt Disney World.

If you do have a car, guests staying on site at Disney can park for free. If you are not staying on site here are the parking rates for the Disney Parks.

There you have a few  Disney tips and tricks on how to enjoy and family holiday and not have to compromise on quality. Yet still have the best holiday ever.

Money Saving Tips For Staying At Walt Disney World Orlando as a family, tops tips on preparing and planning and also how to save money when you are on your Disney Vacation


















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  1. Ah this post makes me miss it SO much, as we were last at Disney exactly 4 years ago (TimeHop is killing me lol).Great money saving tips and if we went back we would definitely opt for the dining plan again. Our last visit we didn’t even hire a car, and relied on the Disney transport system to get around. Of course it’s always going to be an expensive holiday, but there are definitely ways you can save money before you go and whilst you are there x


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