Travelling smarter: 5 ways to optimise your next holiday


In the modern world, there are so many techniques and technologies that have been designed to make your life easier. This extends to pretty much every area of life, including the world of travel!

If you thought that travelling had to be difficult, think again. If you want to start travelling smarter, read on to find out about our top 5 ways to optimise your next holiday.

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  1. Use specialist sites

Whether you’re looking for flights or music venue recommendations, make sure that you carry out your searches using specialist websites.

You should treat Google as a good way to start your research, but not the be-all and end-all. There are plenty of resources that have been specifically created for your travel needs – make sure that you actually use them.

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  1. Ask your friends for advice

Instead of carrying out all of the holiday-related research yourself, you can likely save a lot of time and energy by asking your friends for advice.

If you know that one of your friends has been somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, then meet up for coffee and ask them about their experience.

They’ll likely have already made a whole range of mistakes (and stumbled over some gems) so you don’t have to. 

  1. Spread the planning and booking out

Instead of deciding to travel a week before you leave, and doing everything in a mad rush, try to spread the process out over a longer period of time.

There are some things that you need to book early, so that you get the best deals, but other parts of the planning process can be done pretty much whenever. Spreading it all out can make the experience feel a lot more manageable, and a whole lot more enjoyable. 

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  1. Don’t pack too much

One of the biggest mistakes pretty much everyone makes when they travel is that they pack too much. Unless you’re the definition of trendy, you don’t need multiple outfits per day and a whole range of spare towels.

Packing too much might make your flights more expensive, and will make it more of a chore to carry your bags around, so try to really think about whether you need those extra pairs of shoes.

  1. Don’t do too much

Finally, the best way to plan a good holiday is to not try to do too much. It can be tempting to try to experience as much as humanly possible, but in addition to being pretty stressful, this approach will likely leave you just as tired when you get home as you were when you left.

Leave time to just explore a bit, and try to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to activities. 

If you take these pointers to heart, we truly believe that they can have a significant positive impact on your next travel experience.

It’s so easy to overcomplicate holiday planning, when it really isn’t necessary at all. Keep things simple, don’t rush, and you should be in for a great vacation.

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