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An old adage states that a person’s home is their castle. It is where they should feel safe, secure and able to enjoy their lives. It is supposed to be a place of comfort and relaxation, a haven that enables its occupants to escape from the daily travails of modern life, and this is what everyone wants when they move to a new place.

However, as we are all very aware, this is not always the way of things. Burglaries can happen, and our home can quickly turn from the place we feel safest in, to a place we fear returning to. So, what can be done to keep your home as safe as possible? What steps can you take to discourage burglars, and ensure that your loved ones can sleep soundly in their

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The answer to this question, as with so many others, is to make use of technology.

But where should you start, and why does technology have the capacity to be so beneficial?

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The Basics

The vast majority of home invasions are opportunistic. It is rare that someone will, as is suggested in Hollywood films, watch your home for days on end before sneakily making their way into your home via some ingenious method. A surprising number of burglaries involve a would-be thief simply walking into a home via an unlocked or poorly locked door. The first line of defence is simply to be vigilant and think about the potential consequences of careless actions – make sure your doors are locked!


The house alarm is, most likely, the first thing that springs to mind when you hear mention of home security. They have been around for decades, and that’s largely because they work. Not only do they alert you – and those in nearby houses – should a burglar enter your home, but they also act as a deterrent. According to research, houses without a visible security system are five times more likely to be burgled, so even the mere presence of an alarm will provide benefits from the second it is installed. In this day and age, too, alarms are even more advanced than you may realise – packed full of useful features to make your home
even more secure.


According to the results of research carried out by Co-Op Insurance, nothing puts off a burglar quite like CCTV. And, what’s more, this study directly asked former burglars, so you know that it can be relied upon! Having CCTV systems will allow you to keep tabs on comings and goings from your home, and will also ensure that, should you get burgled, you have an increased chance of finding the culprits.

A Dog

Dogs were the burglar alarms of our forebears, and they can still play a crucial role when it comes to keeping your house safe. By training your dog to bark should an unexpected individual venture to your home, you’ll be alerted in good time, and the burglar may also be scared away.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are not too dissimilar to deadlocks, but they do give you an additional level of security and flexibility. Because smart locks allow you to lock your door from your phone, you will never be left wondering whether or not you locked the door behind you on your way to work.

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