Young Drivers, and Road Safety

Something happened a couple of weeks ago that Jack had been beside himself with excitement about for ages. He had his very first ever-driving lesson. I know arghhh what happened to my little boy.


I will be honest it has been a month of milestones, a month of growing up. And us having to accept he is growing up, but a driving lesson was a huge thing.

The driving lesson was run and organised by Young Drivers, an amazing initiative designed to install a sense of responsibility and road safety into the young drivers of today.

IMG_6504Jack had a 30-minute lesson; although it was on a dedicated track, I will be honest; I nearly had a heart attack when we arrived. As there were other young drivers on the track, I mean what if one of them lost control, what if Jack did?  But the whole process is expertly managed and coordinated by the amazing driving instructors.

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