Adding A Personalised Touch To Home Decor

Sometimes its hard envisioning a room complete isn’t it? I knew the colours I wanted for our Lounge, I knew what rug we wanted and overall was thrilled with the result. But there were still a few things missing, I am still to find the perfect pictures to hang over my desk, and have struggled finding just the right cushions, I felt I needed something personalised, something we could all relate too.

Adding A Personalised Touch To Home Decor with Snapfish Cushions

I had scoured the shops looking for something with a bit of colour but had just not found the right ones. Then as I was making my SnapFish Calendar  it came to me, I would create my cushions myself. So I spent some time going through memories of our year, and one event stood out, the Diabetes UK London Bridge Challenge. We love London; it was a beautiful day with gorgeous blue skies, exactly what I wanted for my personalised sofa cushions.

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