Bee SVG Letters and Numbers for Glowforge

Bee SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers For Cricut And Glowforge

My Bee alphabet was a bit of an accident, I was just doodling and came up with this cute bee and thought hey why not use if for a Bee SVG Alphabet. Although I’m also in the process of converting it into colouring pages too. Bees signify so much joy don’t they? They represent spring …

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Cute Valentines letters and numbers

Valentines Gnome Alphabet And Numbers For Cricut And Glowforge

Have you seen my Valentines Gnome files? I created them with Cricut and Glowforge in mind and used as cut files and for engraving both with fab results. However I have fallen in love with the little fella and decided he needed his own alphabet. Thus I have created a Valentines Gnome Alphabet And Numbers …

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Alphabet Cut File with a tropical theme

Tropical Alphabet SVG For Summer Craft Projects

Wooohooo summer is coming, if that’s not enough to get excited about, the prospect of garden parties and seeing friends is making me so giddy. This year more than ever garden parties are something to truly celebrate. Check out my cocktail section for a little cocktail inspiration. Of course celebrations mean banners and cute decor …

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