Feeling Festive and Cinnamon Butter

It has finally hit me I am feeling festive. I suppose it was always going to be a delayed reaction this year. So much has happened in the last two months that honestly, the last this on my mind was Christmas. I don’t know if it was Joe singing Christmas songs this morning, thinking about packing for our pre-Christmas break, or our planned trip to the Christmas markets, but thankfully it is here I am finally feeling festive.

It has arrived later than ever before, but it’s here thank goodness, and now I can start to get my head around all that Christmas planning and shopping I need to do.
But let me start by sharing my first festive tip of the season. Cinnamon Butter, and oh my, it is amazing and so simple to make, and perfect to have ready in the freezer for festive snacks.

Feeling Festive with Cinnamon Butter made with Clover #NothingArtificial
Cinnamon Butter Made With Clover #Nothing artificial

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