Safety First: Tips for Traveling in Greece with Children


Planning a trip to Greece with kids and teens? It’s an exciting adventure waiting to happen! Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and delicious food. But when you have kids or teens, safety becomes super important. You want to make sure everyone stays safe and has a great time.

So, before you pack your bags and head off, let’s talk about some simple tips to keep your family safe while exploring Greece.

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A Morning Walk On The Beach In Greece
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1. Research and Plan Ahead

Before embarking on your Greek adventure, take some time to research your destination. Familiarise yourself with local customs, transportation options, and potential safety concerns. Planning can help you anticipate challenges and decide where to stay and what activities to pursue.

2. Choose Teen Child-Friendly Accommodations

When travelling with children and teens, it is essential to choose accommodations that prioritize safety and comfort. Look for family-friendly hotels or villas with amenities like zero-entry pools, childproof locks, and secure outdoor areas. Consider proximity to medical facilities and pharmacies in case of emergencies.

The Restaurants, Water Sports and Beach At Ikos Olivia Halkidiki
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3. Stay Vigilant in Crowded Areas

Greece’s famous tourist spots can get crowded, especially during peak season. Keep a close eye on your children in congested areas, such as markets, public transportation, and archaeological sites. Hold hands to prevent wandering, and set up a meeting point in case you get separated.

4. Practice Sun Safety

With its Mediterranean climate, Greece enjoys plenty of sunshine, but prolonged exposure can lead to sunburn and heat-related illnesses, especially for young children. Apply sunscreen regularly, seek shade during peak hours, and dress your kids in lightweight clothing and hats. Stay hydrated by carrying water bottles and taking frequent breaks indoors.

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5. Teach Water Safety

Greece’s crystal-clear waters are irresistible but can pose risks, particularly for inexperienced swimmers. Teach your children basic water safety rules, such as never swimming alone, staying within designated swimming areas, and avoiding solid currents. Consider enrolling them in swimming lessons before your trip for added peace of mind.

The Perfect Family Holiday At Ikos Olivia 8
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6. Be Mindful of Street Traffic

Greek cities and towns, including narrow streets and winding roads, can be bustling with traffic. Hold your children’s hands when walking near roads, and teach them to look both ways before crossing. Use crosswalks whenever possible and be extra cautious when navigating busy intersections.

7. Pack a Travel First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is a must-have for any family trip, especially when traveling with young children. Include essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any prescription medications your children may need. Familiarize yourself with basic first aid techniques and know how to access emergency medical care.

8. Engage with Local Culture Safely

Exploring Greece’s rich cultural heritage is an unforgettable experience for families, but it’s essential to do so safely. Respect historical sites by following posted rules and guidelines, and supervise your children closely to prevent accidents or damage to artefacts. Encourage cultural exchange by interacting with locals respectfully and learning basic Greek phrases.

The harbour in Kardamena

9. Keep Important Documents Secure

Ensure the safety of your family’s travel documents, including passports, visas, and medical insurance cards. Make photocopies of these documents and keep them separate from the originals. Consider using a travel organiser or secure pouch to prevent loss or theft while on the go.

10. Consider Safety Measures on Cruises

If you’re boarding a Greek cruise, familiarise yourself with safety procedures and protocols. Attend mandatory safety drills with your children, and make sure they know how to locate their designated muster stations and have a designated meeting area in case you get separated during the day.

Keep a close watch on your kids while onboard, especially near open deck areas or swimming pools. Also, we find having balcony rules when cruising with kids; no matter the age, our children are not allowed to go on the balcony alone.

Cruising Tips for families that cruise and reviews

Keeping Safe in Greece is Easy if You Plan

Travelling in Greece with young children can be a rewarding experience with unforgettable memories and cultural discoveries. By prioritising safety and planning, you can minimise risks and enjoy a worry-free adventure with your family.

Remember to stay vigilant, practice sun safety, and engage with local culture respectfully. With some preparation and common sense, your Greek getaway will be a magical experience for the whole family.

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