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Living near Manchester and having access to such wonderful theatres is just glorious. Especially when you have access to brand new “The Next Big Thing Shows” such as Back To The Future The Musical. I got to see it on its opening night at The Opera House In Manchester, before it head if to dazzle the word from its new home the Adelphi Theatre London.

I was 13 when Back To The Future the movie became a global phenomenon. Can you imagine going back in time to meet your parents? It was a crazy, but amazing, concept that the world fell in love with.

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Back to the Future the Musical The Palace Theatre Manchester

Can Back To The Future Work?

As our kids grew up, they too loved the movie, what’s not to love? When I heard that Back To The Future The Musical was being created. Despite the advanced technology of musical theatre today, I did question how they could make it work?

However with the eight-time Grammy Award-winning pairing of Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard creating an all-new score alongside the movie’s iconic hits. Coupled with the direction of Tony Award-winning John Rando. Also paired with a Tony and Olivier Award-winning design team, it works on every level.

Review Of Back To The Future The Musical

Set in 1895, Marty McFly (Olly Dobson) finds himself accidentally transported back in time to 1955. Here he accidentally meddles with fate during a chance meeting with his parents. Thus also putting his own fate and that of his siblings in jeopardy.

Finding himself stuck between his own parents George McFly ( Hugh Coles) and Lorraine Baines (Rosanna Baines) falling in love. Yet also getting the opportunity to mentor his own father and improve his chances in life for the better.

To do this then get home, Marty must find his friend Doc Brown (Roger Bart) and convince him he needs his help to mend the past, before going back to the future.

Does It Convert Well To Stage?

Yes, spectacularly. The creative genius behind Back The Future The Musical makes the story transform perfectly to stage in a way I could never have imagined. That’s the beauty of modern theatre. Having the ability to combine old and new to create a set and scenes that have you wondering how the hell they did that? I don’t want to give to much away, it needs to be seen to be believed.

Watching Back To The future now as a teen fan of the movie brings it into a whole new perspective. Thus allowing me to understand George and Lorraine in a way my 13 year old self never did. Also seeing Marty coaching George, and how their friendship and indeed Marty’s respect for his father developed in a way Marty never had experience before.

Does Back To The Future Live Up To Its Expectations?

In abundance, the pairing of the new and old creates the perfect atmosphere, thus taking you between the two eras. Yet the production does this without over complicating the past, but also ensuring the technology available today is used to enhance the scenes, almost without you realising. Especially as the cast move around the school.

The future is technologically advanced. Thus creating wow factor effects you wouldn’t think possible in the theatre, pairing movie and stage perfectly.

As a fan of the movie, Back To The Future The Musical is a wonderful modern day version. It’s spectacularly cast with the characters playing their parts perfectly, even down to characteristics and body language. Yet importantly, it doesn’t feel like a copy, it feels like a labour of love that has transformed a much loved cult classic to the modern day to reach a whole new audience.

Back To The Future The Musical will be arriving at the Adelphi Theatre In London in May 2021 and tickets start at £19.85, omg I just love that!

Ad, I was gifted ticket in return for an honest review of this glorious production.

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