Pub Walks, Vacuums And The AMA Magna


Hellooooo how are you? I didn’t share a round up last week, we had a bit of bad news. Not mine to share or talk about but sometimes chit chat feels wrong doesn’t it when others you love are having a horrendous time. And this weather has not been very motivational either has it?

Avocado on toast for breakfast

We have been so mad busy, done lots of catching up with friends, probably a little too much vino, but you know what you only live once! Life is made for family time and spending with those who count. Although I have to say I am ready for a quiet week, seriously is been manic!  But here is what we have been up to in the last crazy week.

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Thinking About River Cruising  

I can now talk about my river cruise, woohoo. Chris and I are cruising down the Danube River on a press trip with AMA Waterways on their brand new ship the AMA Magna. It’s so different to Ocean cruising as the ships are tiny in comparison. But this is something that really excites me as it will feel more intimate and dock in towns and cities you could never get to by ship. Although we are travelling without the boys I just know this is something they would love. 

 Press trip on the AmaMagna

The Pendle Pub Walk 

This is something we take part in every year, it’s for a great cause and always turns out to be such a fantastic day. This year was no exception, well apart from the weather which was hideous.

Torrential rain is not what you want when walking in open countryside after 5 pubs, and as many glasses of wine? There were moments of sunshine, and we laughed so much. You know one of those day you wake up the day after and think omg!!!!! But the more that comes back to you the more you smile. 

Walking in lancashire
Lancashire countryside

Watching Chernobyl 

This has seriously traumatised me, the directing was incredible. But the whole way though I was so struck by the awful reality that this really happened to people. I was about 14 at the time and was only lightly reported on, we had no idea of the true horror and catastrophic life and world changing results of that event. You watch it and so much about the world we live in makes sense, it makes you feel sad to your bones that we would live in a very different world had that not happened. 

A Day Trip To London

This week I got to nip down to London to attend the official launch of the very exciting Gtech hylite at the Design Museum. I seriously don’t know how a vacuum can be so small, lightweight and yet still work and it does all of those. I have only had it for a few days but after a little bit of testing and Toby putting it through its paces I am going to say so far so good. If you are curious check out my stories where I will be posting updates.

The design museum London

Building Works

It’s been slow but things are happening, the mini digger has arrived and the footings are being dug. I am still waiting for my second kitchen price, it’s been a month now grrr, I don’t usually chase tradesmen and go off the principle that if they don’t get back they can’t be that bothered for the work. But we did say no rush, and they have taken this literally! I so love the grey carcasses of the Magnet cupboards so fear I am going to have to chase. 

The Familiars By Stacey Halls

I have finished the Familiars and loved it, it was a based locally which was strange at first. Its a story about the Pendle Witches, a subject that has always fascinated me, its a fiction based on factual events. And it had me hooked from the beginning.

The Familiars By Stacey Halls

I have just started reading Finale by Stephanie Garber, omg I have waited so long for this book, I adored Caraval and Legend and am confident this won’t disappoint either.

The Week Ahead 

Dare I say not very much! I am working a couple of days in the salon, there are lots of exciting things going on there. There refit is finished and I am loving all the new products.

I have loads to share on both blogs, my life is wonderfully random. But that’s good, I love random. 

Chris and the boys will be working on the build all weekend and hopefully by next weekend the foundations will be done and the builders can start? 

Yes that’s not that quiet really is it? I suspect we will be sleeping in between that little lot!  And cruise shopping obs! 

Have an amazing week ahead what ever you have planned and I am going to do a little sun dance for you all in the hope this sun stays with us, fingers crossed it works. 

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

Ad, This post contains affiliate links and I was gifted the Gtech in return for an honest review.

16 thoughts on “Pub Walks, Vacuums And The AMA Magna”

  1. So sorry about the bad news last week.
    The river cruise sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time.
    I love the sound of the Pendle Pub Walk. It sounds like you had a great time.
    Chernobyl was an amazing but shocking TV series. It is weird that something so awful could happen.
    Have a fab weekend x

    • Ah thanks Kim, I am so excited about the River Cruise only a couple of weeks to go now! Chernobyl was insane wasn’t it?

  2. The river cruise looks amazing. I like the look of the ship. Shame about the rain on your walk, but you sound like you made the most of it and had a fun time. Sorry that you’ve had bad news. Never easy. Have a lovely week. Hope your second quote materializes. #wotw

    • I cant wait to get on the ship looks incredible and so much more intimate than a traditional cruise. I know the rain was a right pain but we still had a great.

  3. I’m so sorry you had bad news last week, I did miss you on the link up, I just figured you were too busy. The river cruise looks amazing. Maybe that’s what I should be looking at for my first cruise..but I’d have trouble visiting some places on land so maybe that’s why I’m more attracted to the big ships, I won’t feel it necessary to leave the ship but can still say I’ve done the travelling. Your Pendle walk sounds very interesting and so does the book about the Pendle Witches, I really need to add that to my book list. Have a lovely week and thanks for linking up to #wotw

    • Ah thanks so much Anne, yes you would never need to get off a big ship, but I will find out more soon. The book is just amazing I loved it x

  4. I have always fancied a barge on a canal for a holiday.
    I am old enough to remember Chernobyl, and how on the east coast of Scotland we were advised not to eat home grown fruit and veg, the controversy over local milk with cows eating the grass etc – scary times here let alone there.
    I also remember a massive explosion at the BP in Grangemouth that they tried to hush up the cause of back in 1985, we watched the burning and devastation from the bedroom window as flames leapt hundreds of feet into the air. #WoTW

    • Its scary all these things that have affected our environment, do you know I too would love a barge holiday they look so chilled x

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad news, Sarah. It sounds like you had an amazing time on the walk, you live in such a gorgeous area you are very lucky. I had to turn Chernobyl off as it was really affecting me, it’s so awful isn’t it and the way they tried to pass blame was terrible too. It sounds like progress is going well with the renovations, I hope you got lots done over the weekend x

    • Thank you Angela. The walk was fab we laughed so much but god I looked like a drowned rat! Yes it was such hard watching wasnt it, I never slept the first night x

  6. Sorry to hear you’ve had bad news. Big hugs. Sounds like a great place to go for a walk, such a lovely area. I too couldn’t watch Chernobyl, it really disturbed me xx #wotw

    • Ah thanks Susan, hopefully the news may not be as bad as we first thought. And yes our walk was amazing but a lot of hills x

  7. With the exception of the bad news last week does sound busy. I love the idea of the pub walk! And yes you’re right sometimes you just have to be in the moment and stay close to those you love x

  8. I hope everything is ok lovely. A pub walk sounds amazing, my life at the moment tends to be all about the park walk lol! Beautiful pictures as always xx

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that you had bad news. Sending a big hug your way. The river cruise down the Danube sounds amazing. What a lovely thing to look forward to. I like the sound of the Pendle Pub Walk – what a shame the weather wasn’t so good though. Glad that the building works are now underway but hope you don’t need to do any more chasing with the second kitchen price – that must be very frustrating. Your sun dance seems to have worked well here – we’ve had a nice week weather-wise! Hope it’s been a good one for you x #WotW


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