My Sunday Photo, A Walk Around Westminster


It’s no secret I love wandering around London. Nothing makes me happier than just meandering about camera in hand. And the thing with having a naturally inquisitive mind, ok being Nosy! Is that I am always taking in my surroundings; I notice little details that people pass by when in the commuter bubble.

Now this can be a real pain to travel companions, they may be talking to me, pouring out their heart on an important topic and all of a sudden I disappear. Don’t get me wrong I am listening, however something unique and beautiful may have taken my eye. Or it may have been something ordinary that I see in a different light.

And sometimes you have a spilt second to react to get that picture at a particular angle or that moment is gone forever. I am lucky, when I travel to London with Donna we both live in our own little wandering bubbles. We totally get each other. You can imagine how frustrated our hubbies get when we keep stopping. They have taken to carrying on safe in the knowledge we will find them eventually.

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Today’s photos were taken walking through Westminster on one our long London walks, I can’t remember exactly where we were heading. It was a party somewhere in London. But it took us hours to get there as we chatted and took photos whenever something caught our eye. But you know what? Sometimes you just spend too much time rushing and it’s so nice to take a step back and open you eyes.

My Weekly Round Up, A Walk Around Westminster

 My Sunday Photo, A Walk Around Westminster

 My Sunday Photo, A Walk Around Westminster

 My Sunday Photo, A Walk Around Westminster

 My Sunday Photo, A Walk Around Westminster



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18 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo, A Walk Around Westminster”

  1. Totally get what you said about wandering around the place, family are always leaving me behind or getting frustrated! Great that you have found someone so like minded to wander and take photos with!

  2. Hi Sarah, I totally agree. People spend too much time rushing around that they miss the small details. Since having my camera I certainly notice more. Your photos are as fab as ever, I particularly like the second and third ones down. Very grand.



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