My Health And Fitness Update 2017


Wow, I can’t believe it is almost a year since I sat down and wrote my fitness goals for 2017.  And I am pleased to say I have stuck to exercise pretty consistently throughout the year.

My weekly round up a mustard sweater from sainsburys

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I have to say it has been tough keeping to it, not physically but in an organisational capacity. Those days when you have a deadline and a class booked what do you choose? I have discovered it is better to opt for the class and work like mad afterwards to meet said deadline. On those occasions I have chosen the deadline I have felt guilty, a little begrudging and sluggish. The result of this is a slower pace of work and so counter productive.

My body needs exercise that is something I takeaway from 2017; exercise makes me feel so much better. Meaning no matter what mood I am in, finding time for the gym is important for my well-being.

It has been great to find a variety of classes’ activities I love; this has ensured I have felt that motivation and boredom has not crept in.

These are the activities I have kept up or tried throughout the year.


Having a dog is just the most wonderful way to commit to an exercise routine. Toby has to be walked every day without fail, he needs his exercise and living in the countryside makes it a treat for all of us. Have that time each day to get a little fresh air, in the daytime the views are breathtaking, at night the tranquillity is wonderful. It’s a time of day I really look forwards to. And also a great chance for Chris and I to catch up on our day without the chaos of kids home, cooking and homework.


If you have never tried yoga I urge you to give it a go. Not only is it great for muscle tone and strength, it is wonderful for grounding your thoughts and focusing. It’s a weekly lesson I really look forward to. And if I miss a few I really feel the difference in my stress levels.

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga


I have enjoyed swimming all of my adult life; it’s a great form of exercise and perfect for a quick nip in and out activity. If I am feeling a bit meh, a half an hour swim makes all the difference. This is something I try to do weekly. And the wonderful thing is that its something I can still do on my travels.

I always have a bag packed ready with my swimwear and a towel and then if I do get half an hour I can grab my bag and nip to the gym. For me keeping up with my fitness routine is all about being organised and prepared. I find having a separate costume for swimming, than travel, is useful. Ladies swimwear comes in so many styles and something more practical is definitely needed for exercise purposes.

A Little Chill Out Time In The Sun And Beating That Mum Guilt


My first spinning lesson back in January nearly killed me, I kid you not; I couldn’t keep up with the class at all. I had to sit and slowly pedal to catch my breath several times. My lungs were burning, I couldn’t breath and sitting and walking was a challenge for days. I am pleased to say 12 months later it’s a lesson I look forward to and can now keep up with! Spinning is wonderful for stress and let me tell you after the school, work run its something I welcome in the mornings to get over the stress of morning life with teens.

TRX and Kettle Bells

I did this once last month. And could not walk for a week, I had to climb up and down the stairs. And used muscles I didn’t know I had. I honestly have never know pain like that I felt after this lesson. I do need to give it another go, you can’t just give up after one go can you? However I know it is going to take a few attempts to master this one.

How am I feeling after that lot?

Definitely fitter but not thinner, I would say I probably eat a little more freely than I used too, but am able to maintain my clothes size so that has to be a winner. What I have noticed is that I feel so much calmer; all of this activity somehow focuses any stress I have. Allowing me to focus more on my work and not let things wind me up that usually would. One thing I do notice is that when I miss a week I feel it!


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