Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK


Anyone that knows me well also knows I do not camp. And I can’t see it happening in the near future either. I am not sure why I am so against the idea. Maybe it’s the fact that I love my little luxuries in life, I can’t help it. 

I have friends who can’t understand my thoughts, those who love camping and getting back to nature. And there’s the thing, I too love getting back to nature. I live in a field in the middle of nowhere, and am happy in that environment. So I should love camping right?

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What I do love is a great experience, something a little different, yet still offers that element of luxury and comfort I crave when travelling. And I have discovered you can have it all. Quality Unearthed offer a wide selection of unique glamping accommodation to make seasoned campers of us all, well almost.

What really appeals to me is having the opportunity to stay somewhere unique, and to enjoy the whole being at one with nature experience without compromise.

The boys would have loved camping as they grew up, and probably wouldn’t say no to a camping trip now. I often feel this is something I have deprived them of in life. But then I have visions of what my hair would look like without hairdryer and straighteners and think they will just have to get over it, or camp when they leave home.

This is an area I can’t feel guilt for, not one little bit. They have wonderful travel experiences so far in life. And I am sure they would not relish stepping out with the camping version of my hair. It wouldn’t be pretty!

But there was a compromise all along, and one I am quite excited about. I have had a little mooch around Quality Unearthed and they seem to do exactly what it says on the tin. They offer quality and luxury treehouse glamping camping and glamping experiences in the UK. Something a little unique, but offers the locations I crave whilst keeping that luxury element.

I have chosen three different accommodations that offer the tranquility of camping yet luxury space to meet the needs of all of the family. 

Cedar Lodge Treehouse, Devon

This is my idea of pure bliss, a super modern luxurious tree house sat in a forest. The style and decor of  the property oozes quality, yet looks cozy and comfy. The sort of place I could see my little family chilled out by the fire on a cold winters night. Or sat on the wraparound balcony listening to the sounds of the crickets, as you are snuggled in the trees on a summer’s evening.


Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK

Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK

Hoots Treehouse, East Sussex

Hoots Treehouse is nestled at the end of a mile long track in the Rother Valley. Offering quirky unique accommodation that reminds me a little of a hobbits hole. It is sooooo cute and somewhere that would feel such a special place to visit.

Somewhere to get lost away from the world and just chill out on the verandah.

Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK

Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK

Blackberry Perch, East Sussex

Blackberry Perch is a family glamping cabin, which is so unique in its architectural curved design that almost blends into its surroundings yet stands out as a design feature. Set in 30 acres of land within the South Downs National Park, and  is 30 minutes outside Brighton, offering perfect flexibility for a family trip of tranquility and the option to get out and about.

Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK with Quality Unearthed

Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK with Quality Unearthed

There are so many gorgeous options to choose from that I am feeling quite excited at the prospect of a luxury camping trip. It is an option after all. All families can camp, just we all have different ideas if exactly what camping is? And I am definitely more of a glamping kinds girl all.

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Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK with Quality Unearthed



8 thoughts on “Three Luxury Glamping Experiences In The UK”

  1. Glamping is definitely the way forward! I enjoy certain parts of camping – being in the great outdoors, being able to let the kids out the door and play in a safe environment, and barbecues. However, dripping tents, sunlight streaming in at 5am and a lack of space if the weather takes a turn for the worse are not my faves. That tree house in Devon looks awesome!

  2. I agree that glamping is the way forward, though we used to camp lots when the kids were little. It was an adventure and we have lots of memories, mostly of wind, rain, mud and arguing over putting up the tent. Give me a glamping pod with a proper bed in anyday, plus we have pods 10 minutes from our house with hot tubs. Ultimate glamping luxury. Would love to stay in a tree house one day x


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