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Family Breaks, 40th’s And Funerals.

Odd title I know, but that has been my life for the last couple of weeks. I won’t dwell too much as life is to be celebrated. And life lately has mostly been about happy moments and spending time with family.

Saying Goodbye To My Nan.

These days are always hard and I have never managed to master elegant crying! However my lovely Nan had a wonderful send off. The crematorium was packed. She left a legacy of 6 children, 19 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren. That’s some legacy!

When someone has had a wonderful long life it makes losing them that tiny bit easier. She achieved a lot in life, shared a lot of love and gave an awful lot to others.

Me and Nan

A Trip To Rockliffe Hall.

Last week we got the chance to spend a night at the stunning Rockliffe Hall in County Durham. It was truly wonderful to get to spend time with Chris and the boys. We are all so busy all the time scheduling anything that we can all do is nigh on impossible.

Where to stay near Richmond for a family holiday

The hotel is spectacular if not a little magical, and we were so lucky with the weather. Chris and the boy spent an afternoon with a private cabin playing pool and watching the transfer deadline (yawns!) whilst I spent a little time sunning myself around the spa pool.

Spas in Darlington
Family Breaks, 40th's And Funerals.

Spending Time With My Family For My Brothers 40th

From there we headed to Richmond to meet up with my family at Brompton Lakes. It was my brothers 40th and we didn’t do much apart from spending family time together. The boys loved spending time with their cousins and they all took their turn at fishing.

A Family Weekend
Fishing at Bromton Lakes

We most probably ate and drank far too much. And it rained quite a bit but it didn’t seem to matter as it was warm and we have a large umbrella on our verandah overlooking the lake so we were protected. We just spent time together as a family, laughed loads and enjoyed the time together.

Tels 40th
Spending family time

I also adored spending time with my great Niece, we built castles, houses, did colouring, went on fairy hunts, found baby dragons and lots of crocodiles. Although she assured my they were kind and would not eat me! I am still not convinced on that one!

Spending Time With Family

Watching Stranger Things.

Have you seen stranger things? People kept telling us to watch it so we decided to give it a go. Its crazy but addictive, we loved it. Dustin was my absolute favourite character ever! I adored the 80s vibe and the whole craziness of it.

Finishing Finale.

I finished Finale and it was everyting I hoped its would be, spectacular, the whole Caraval series has been amazing, I think one of my face sets of book ever, after Harry Potter obs! My latest book is the The Rules Of Magic, its the prequel to Practical Magic and I am hooked already.

Exciting News Of The Cruise Front.

Well, loads of exciting news; we have booked a cruise with one of my oldest friends and her family. It’s not for 18 months. However it will take a bit of planning and saving.

The cruise is down the California Coast, from there we plan to maybe visit Universal, Disney and then drive across to Vegas, I am beyond excited. Its on the Royal Princess, Princess is a cruise line we love but haven’t sailed on in a few years.

And then Donna and I are cruising overnight on A’rosa from Germany to Amsterdam in November to meet up with the CLIA River Cruise conference.

We can’t share our last piece of news yet, we are just finalising the details so fingers crossed we can share that soon. But let’s just say I am all giddy on the cruise front.

A New Bikini, Argh!!!

I have a new bikini for our anniversary trip to Greece, its not long now and we are so looking forward to it. So when I got to choose some new swimwear from Fanstasie I decided to be brave a go for it and chose the Santa Monica Bikini! In all honestly its not mega revealing but I still fell brave ordering it, but how gorgeous and retro is it?

Fantasie Bikini

The Build

Don’t even ask, blooming rain grrrr!

The Week Ahead

This weekend we are doing NOTHING. Jack is away in Amsterdam with his friends so I will mostly be worrying!!!! That aside we plan to chill out, try and go for a long walk and do housework.

Next week I have a lovely night out planed with the girls from work, I love working in a salon again, especially when you really like everyone you work with. And Joe and I are going to try to catch a movie at some stage.

Have a lovely week whatever you are up to and I hope the rain goes away and we are left with glorious blue skies. A girl can dream right?

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

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Tuesday 20th of August 2019

What an amazing legacy - you must be so proud. Beautiful picture of you both.

I absolutely love Stranger Things - I didn't think it was my kind of show but it is amazing!! Cant wait for the next series x

Anne Sweet

Tuesday 20th of August 2019

It's always hard saying goodbye forever, but I'm glad the rest of the week involved lots of family time. It sounds like a lovely week, you deserve a relaxing weekend. My daughter went away to Germany last year and I worried so much but she was fine. It's always hard letting them go but they love their freedom. Love your bikini! I think my bikini days are over but I'm sure you'll look fab in Greece. Oh, and I love your great neice's hair, it's beautiful. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

Tracey Williams

Monday 19th of August 2019

Sounds like your Nan's funeral was a lovely send off, and she certainly leaves behind a wonderful legacy with her family. It must have been lovely to chill out with family, and how cute is your great niece. Sounds as if you have lots of cruise things in the pipeline, and I'm even quite jealous of your river cruise to Amsterdam (never thought I would say that lol). Bet Jack has had an amazing time in the Dam x

Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

Monday 19th of August 2019

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Nan and I can imagine how hard it was saying goodbye but glad she had a good send-off too. Rockliffe Hall looks like a beautiful place to stay and how lovely to spend time with your family celebrating your brother's 40th. I love the cake. Sounds like you have lots of fun things to look forward to with the cruises and hope you enjoyed your quiet weekend x #WotW

Rishi rathod

Monday 19th of August 2019

Feeling very bad that you lost your nun, May her soul rest in peace.

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