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Cruising Catching Up And Passing Out Parades.

I haven’t shared an update for 2 weeks, mainly because the last couple of weeks have been so manic I was a little bit broken last weekend. You know when you have been so busy and had so much fun you just can’t keep your eyes open. This is what I have been up to for the last couple of weeks:

The CLIA Cruise AGM

Last week as part of Cruising With Kids Donna and I attended the annual Cruise Industry AGM. Now cruise is a big passion of mine. Hence how Cruising With Kids was born. I honestly don’t think there is a better way to travel, and last week confirmed everything my family loves about cruising. We also got to hang out with a lot of our favourite cruise bloggers.

We got to spend time on two ships,

The Celebrity Edge, we sailed on The Celebrity Silhouette last year and adored Celebrity Cruise Line, but Edge takes cruising to a different level.

The design is muted but so stylish, with so many cutting edge features such as a bar that floats over the sea. I know!!!! And instagram walls that move, oh an butterfly sculptures! We didn’t know where to stop first on our whistle top tour of the ship.

We also spent time on the the Queen Mary 2, we have been so lucky to have sailed to New York on her, its a different type of cruising. A lot more refined and calm but a great way to spend a week chilled out as a family. Sometimes you just want to chill as a family without any distractions don’t you?

Since our sailing 8 years ago she has had a major upgrade and is looking rather splendid, the colours have been muted down but the QM2 still has that gorgeous opulent feeling. YET, having cruised on Cunard with kids we know its a great option fro a chilled family cruise. Ok maybe not in the Champagne bar, but how pretty is it?

The event highlighted so many incredible new innovations, but also a lot of talk about the steps the industry is making to lesson the environmental impact of travel. And lets not forget the ever so swanky black tie evening, which is something I adore about cruising. We came away so excited by what is going on in the industry. 

Joe’s Passing Out Ceremony

I nearly never made it home for Joes passing out ceremony due to over 7 hours of traffic, but phew I just did it! Honestly if I had missed it I would have been devastated.

Joe looked so smart all kitted out in his uniform, we are so proud of both of our amazing boys. But Joe has shown a real inner strength the last 2 years. Similar to the strength Jack showed when he was diagnosed with T1, its time like these you know you are doing a great job as a parent despite the dips in the road. Our amazing boys make us so very proud.

Joe passing out

But let’s keep this real, they are far from perfect and insist on living like wild animals. Their bedrooms are enough to make the scruffiest of people weep, we have a lot of work to do in that area. But you know what I will take that, they can’t be perfect can they? After all they are teenagers.

The Renovations Have Finally Started

Yay the renovations have finally started, our new patio doors are fitted and this weekend that balcony will be going. In theory it was great and really appealed to us when we first bought the house. But it had to go, it was badly fitted and we have just found out rotten! Anyhow it has to make way for the garden room which is something we will use all the time.

We are still waiting for planning permission which is taking forever for no apparent reason. Hopeful we will have that by this time next week. Until then all the rendering needs to come off the back of the house! Arghhh! It is going to get worse before it gets better. 

Check out my story highlights for updates.

Renovations Balcony Door

The Week Ahead?

As we speak Joe is on his way to France with School, its hard to accept your baby is at the age where they start to leave you! (Although he is taller than me now! ) He was so so excited, and being a Disney expert he was fully prepared for his day at Disney Paris. Other than that I fear it will be lots of working on the renovations! And hopefully a bit of time for a few walks to country pubs.

Have a wonderful week whatever you are up too!

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Friday 31st of May 2019

Sounds like an amazing couple of weeks. And look at Joe he looks so grown up. Wow. I’m not ready for George leaving me on trips. I hope you’ve had s good week love and that Paris was amazing for Joe x

Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

Thursday 30th of May 2019

I've never been on a cruise but it does sound very appealing. Joe looks so smart in his uniform - what a proud moment for you at his passing out parade. Hope all goes well with the renovations :-) #WotW

Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

Tuesday 28th of May 2019

What a busy couple of weeks! He looks so smart at the passing out parade, a proud moment. Good luck with the renovations, sounds exciting x


Monday 27th of May 2019

I have loved following your Cruise trip on Instagram - it looks amazing!! Well done to your lovely boy, so glad you made it to his passing out parade (I can't even imagine how stressed you must of been!) Have a great week.

Tracey Williams

Monday 27th of May 2019

Oh look at Joe, you must have been such a proud mum to watch his passing out parade (and thank goodness you made it). He looks incredibly smart. A cruise AGM was simply made for you, and those interiors look absolutely stunning. You know I would do a cruise on dry land lol. Fingers crossed you get the planning permission soon x


Monday 27th of May 2019

I know he was so proud it was a lovely evening, thank god I made it back. It was the best week Tracey I blooming love cruising as you know! Good god I hope so too they are not rushing at all its driving me mad x

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