A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea’s


I am not going to profess to being organised myself this year, as I am just not!

But I wanted to share a few lovely things that would make great last-minute stocking filler ideas. Because it’s so nice to get a bit of sparkle. Something lovely just for me, such as a spa day at Ragdale Hall, I mean who doesn’t love a great spa day? Or Theatre tickets, I adore West End Shows so either of these would be a perfect gift. But I do also love a stocking filler. Pretty bits and bobs that I may not need but will love all the same.

I will be honest; Chris does not do so badly on the present front.

But some of his friends! At times in the past their present buying skills have made me want to weep. Like the time when one of his best friends turned up at our house on Christmas Eve with a bag full of gifts from a well know supermarket, holding 2 beige jumpers, 2 beige handbags and a beige scarf for his gorgeous wife. Now there is nothing wrong with said supermarket or beige. But where is the imagination. And why so much beige?

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I was straight to the point and told him his presents in my eyes were grounds for divorce. I mean come on? 5 beige items, really? But he was sure his wife would love them, I knew she wouldn’t! But he insisted. So with a heavy heart I wrapped the beige collection and waited for the fallout. To be honest she is a better woman than I. She took it well. Hated the gifts but got revenge and went out and bought her own gift.

I will never forget that day. And if there is any way I can prevent that happening again I will.  I thought maybe a little help for those people who just don’t have a clue what to buy the lady in their life. For all you last-minute Christmas shoppers out there, here are a few lovely stocking filler ideas.

A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's

A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's

A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's A bit of sparkle is a great way to introduce a bit of festive spirit into a Christmas stocking.

I love the personalised wash bags from Squiffy Print. Perfect for the gym or to keep all my hair products in, or even with tickets to a cheeky weekend in New York inside, HINT, HINT.

You can never go wrong with perfume. I have recently discovered this gorgeous Monsoon Rose Gold perfume; it is perfect for everyday wear.  It has lovely fresh fruity notes. The gift set has the addition of a body lotion, which is just great for the gym bag.

Talking of the gym, it is so important to keep those legs smooth no matter what the weather, and the Philips SatinShave Prestige is a fab little electric shaver. With separate attachments for legs and bikini line, and a charger plug, which I find so much better than batteries, the Satin Shave gives a great smooth finish wet and dry.

And still on the sparkly theme these gorgeous Vivienne Westwood earrings would make a wonderful stocking filler. Because sometimes it’s the little things, the extra details that show some thought has been put into a gift.

Something I had never heard of before is the Joan Collins range of products. But I though hey she looks great so lets give it a go. And I recently tried out the contour lip pencil in brick and pearl shimmer, glorious gloss. Oh I LOVE them, the lip-gloss is so luminescent. And the pencil has real staying power. They are a great combination and one I would thoroughly recommend.

A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's And lastly a sweets treats and a little tipple

Now with gin being my new favourite drink, I have chosen a few. I am quickly learning you can never have too much gin. My fist choice is The Botanist 22. Called so because it is made up of 22 Island Botanicals. The bottle is super cool and has a really crisp but fresh citrus zesty flavour from apple mint, coriander and orange and lemon peel, honey, coconut and wild mint.

Secondly 31 Dover have a new Gin on the block. Willem Barentsz juniper is a mixture of coriander seed, angelica root, orange peel, almond, liquorice, cassia bark and orris root. This is a more delicate gin, with the liquorice creating a delicious but subtle aftertaste. And with the 1724 tonic and glass bundle it makes a great gift and tastes soooo good. As far a gin goes these are so very different, for that reason if you like gin get both. And I am fast learning every flavour is so very wonderfully different and its great to have a bit of gin choice.
A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's

And who doesn’t love sweets, well how about a vintage sweet hamper. Filled with sweet jars full of my old faves such as kola cubes, pear drops, aniseed twists and sherbet lemons. All packages beautiful in a lovely hamper and decorated with a big festive bow. Or a chocolate and fudge hamper.

The sort of thing you would want to hide from the kids. Only bring out when they are sleeping and you can treat yourself. And do you know what I wouldn’t feel the least bit guilty about that as I don’t know about your kids, but the Christie boys are like locusts when there are sweets in the house.

A Few Lovely Last Minute Stocking Filler Idea's

But please take my advice; unless you are a Burberry model there is no such thing as a vision in beige. Be brave and buy sparkle and gin. You will be so much more popular. I think I may well send this link to Chris’s bestie because trust me he hasn’t learnt from his mistakes and needs all the help he can get!

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  1. Oh bless maybe they had a beige theme that year. Ragdale Hall has been on my ‘places to visit’ since I turned 30. Seeing as though I am nearly 43 I had better get there in 2017. Great gift ideas Sarah especially the gin and the Monsoon perfume x


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