Catching Up With Friends, Country Walks And Trips To London


This week has sped by in a blur, full of family time, exam preparation and lovely trips to visit friends. 

The sort of week that has you running around frantically like a headless chicken. But when you look back on you think, “Ah that was fab.” It all started out with a trip to Ikea, Jack wanted a few things for his room. And had kindly arranged a trip with his friends, and myself as the driver.

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When we arrived at Ikea I found myself a coffee and comfy chair in the cafe and gave the lovely Katy a call.  We chatted for quite some time about all things blogging. It’s nice to blog chat with someone every now again, sharing ideas and learning from each other. We chatted for so long the boys had finished their shopping and were ready for the taxi ride home! Don’t you just love teens hey?

We also managed to squeeze in a long muddy country walk.

Even though the skies were blue and the sun was out, it was so cold. Bot once you get going you soon warm up and we walked for miles. Joe loves a new adventure, finding giant puddles and squelching in mud, so was in his element.

Part of me so wanted to stop him getting muddy, I hate mud. But as Chris pointed out they are only young once and mud is the best adventure. So we left him happily squelching. Some kids spend far too much time on games, and Joe like all tweens loves gaming, at the moment I am desperately trying to limit the time he spends playing its just not healthy.

I have noticed if we leave him to his own devices he will sneak off to play a game. I have no issues to him playing daily, but there has to be a limit like in all things in life. As a result we are really limiting online time and encouraging family time. And if they are happy out and about in the country squelching in mud, it should be encouraged.

Confidence And Being Me

Confidence And Being Me

I managed a little trip to London to spend a little time with one of my faves.

I travelled down to Donna’s on Thursday to have dinner and spend a little time with the family. Then Friday we were up bright and early to head into London for a blogger breakfast and a day sightseeing. It was a pretty full on day, and very cold and snowy. We must have walked miles.

Catching Up With Friends, Country Walks And Trips To London

Catching Up With Friends, Country Walks And Trips To London

We managed to get to the V&A to check out the Say You Want A Revolution exhibition.

It far exceeded my expectations, however was a little dark in places. It finishes on the 28th Feb, but if you can get there I would highly recommend it. It’s a very clever journey back into the sixties through to the early seventies that manages to engage nearly all of you senses.

At times it is so all-encompassing that I felt a little overwhelmed. It left me wondering how on earth they got through that era. Yet it’s funny that they saw it as such a wonderful time, especially with some of the awful things going on in the world.

Catching Up With Friends, Country Walks And Trips To London

It is one of those exhibitions that gets into your mind, I am still mulling it all over now. I felt it was a little negative about the present day. Highlighting what’s wrong with the world and not looking at what’s right. But it makes you think, and clearly that was the intention.

I felt protective of our era, which I sure is how people who lived through the sixties feel. And maybe that was the point. To highlight we all see the good in our era, and try to put some of the negatives to the back of our minds. Thus it evolves as a rose-tinted version of what life was really like.

I told you it got into my head! It was a very thought-provoking exhibition and not the fluffy version of the 60s I had imagined it would be, but that made it so much more engaging and real.

I am now sat at Donnas working, but planning to get myself organized and head to my parents for breakfast and a quick catch up before the long drive home to Lancashire. What ever you are up to have a fab weekend and catch up next week.


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24 thoughts on “Catching Up With Friends, Country Walks And Trips To London”

    • Stephanie the exhibition was incredible, it totally blew my mind I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, surely thats a great sign. I would thoroughly recommend it x

  1. It’s so hard to get that balance right between them wanting to spend time gaming and getting them outside in the fresh air. Looks like you had a great trip to London to see Donna, and another busy and exciting week for you x

  2. That does sound like a full on week but like you say, they’re often the best. As long as you have a laid back to follow! And yes, mud is good, anything outside is good if it’s a screen break. though I should practice what I preach more! #wotw

  3. Your week sounds like so much fun and you really have gotten out and about. I love London and visiting museums. I haven’t been to the V&A for ages, I must try and pop down
    Sorry for the late reply, my boy has had chicken poxs 🙁

    Hope you had a good week


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