Cakes, Canal Barges And Prosecco


Hello happy Friday, a not so sunny one but the week ahead has promise. Its been a manic week here, you know one of those weeks where it feels like last Friday was only 2 days ago. And I have so many to do lists running round my brain. It’s times like this I really should write things down, i’m sure it would give me a bit more brain space.

But it has been crazy! So here is what I have been up too  in this last blink and you will miss it week.

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Joe Being Ill AGAIN!

This week has seen poor Joe getting another ear infection, or not fully getting over the last one, i’m not sure which. But he looks like he’s in agony when it strikes. It makes me so anxious keeping him off school, its a tough decision. But you know when your children are in pain don’t you? Thankfully the doctor has given him different antibiotics, so hopefully this lot should get rid of it. I so don’t want to go away and leave him feeling under the weather.

Jack Going To A Festival

Arghh the stress of it! Jack has set off today with all of his friends to go to a festival. Honestly I could weep. I know he is nearly 19 but I don’t think I was ever ready for our boys growing up and becoming independent.

A lot of the worry lies around his sugar level, he has lived with diabetes for 8 years now and I just have to trust he knows what he is doing. But that really is easier said than done. As it’s 8 years since diagnosis I wrote a post about it this week. Seeing parents deal with new diagnosis is so hard so I wanted to share something to help them.

Afternoon Tea At The Montcalm At Marble Arch 

Lat weekend I nipped to London to meet up with my good blogging pal Karen and spend a day eating food and drinking fizz. We booked afternoon tea at the Montcalm Marble Arch which was gifted via Buy A Gift. If you haven’t used Buy A Gift vouches they are fantastic as they can last for up to a year. Mine almost ran out but thankfully you are able to extend them.

Afternoon Tea At The Montcalm Marble Arch

We chose wrong as the service was not great, I have eaten the the Montcalm in Shoreditch before now which was incredible. Which made Marble Arch a real disappointment, the food was nice but the service was sloppy and indifferent. But the main thing was catching up and having a natter.

A Wander Around Paddington

We had also booked to stay at the Novotel, totally the right choice. Novotel is a hotel group we trust as a family. Its always our first choice pre cruise in Southampton. And the Novotel Barcelona is incredible with its swanky rooftop bar.

Regeneration in Paddington London

Paddington is not an area I have explored before and we had a wonderful time drinking cocktails on the pretty canal barges in Little Italy. It really is an area worth checking out.

Paddington Bear in Little Venice London

Morning Cakes And Fizz With Mark Warner

Monday morning we nipped over to Chelsea to the new Peggy Porschen’s, my favourite cake shop in London. Omg I love their cakes and the whole vibe of the shops is just amazing. We spend a blissful couple of hours eating cake, catching up and sipping fizz courtesy of the lovely people at Mark Warner. We had a wonderful year being ambassadors and it was great to catch up with fellow MW Mums.

It was wonderful to meet up with some of my blogging faves, girls I have been friends with since day one. And also meet some new lovely ladies I have never met before.

Bloggers At Peggy Porschen


I was gifted these gorgeous flip flops and toiletries bag for my cruise from the lovely people at Y Not Fashion. And I adore the designs of all their cosmentic bags the are so colourful and stylish and perfect for travelling.

Y Not Milano Makeup Bag And Flip Flops

Another favourite discovery is packing cubes, omg they are life changing when it comes to packing, I need to share a post on them as I have fit so much into my little packing cubes and they will be so easy to unpack at the other end.

And Next Week?

Erm, I haven’t mentioned this much but I am going on a River Cruise arghhh! We are almost organised, its actually harder going away without your kids! Who would have thought?

But we also have to organise the boys for the week ahead too which is no mean feat. Joe will be staying with Grandma and Grandad so will be totally spoilt and Jack has friends staying over, so is in charge on the home front. However we have still had to organise a full weeks shop for him!

I will catch up next Friday from Bratislava to share what our week has been like on the River. Have an amazing week whatever you have planned.

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10 thoughts on “Cakes, Canal Barges And Prosecco”

  1. Aww! Poor Joe! I hope he feels better soon.
    I hope Jack has a fab time at the festival. I would be worrying so much if either of my two went to one, no matter what age they are.
    The Buy A Gift vouchers are fab such a a shame the service wasn’t great! It does sound like you had a fab evening.
    Those cakes do look amazing!
    Have a fab time on the River Cruise x

  2. OOOh so much cake!! Sorry to hear Joe hasn’t been well again. I’ve taken my eldest to the GP today with an ear infection, he’s being a right pain about it, but I know they are really horrid so I have to be sympathetic (my eldest is 31 and autistic.) I remember the first time I left my eldest two at home while I went away, we’ve done it several times now…but it doesn’t matter how much shopping I do they still order take aways on my Paypal!! Enjoy your river cruise, I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m totally intrugued by river cruises now.
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw x

  3. I hope Joe is better!!! What a gorgeous week hunny. So much to celebrate too. Jealous of your get together with so many amazing ladies! Looking all gorgeous may I add too!!! 😉

  4. I love packing cubes, they are so handy, have been using them for a while now and they are very practical, especially for the kids clothes.
    Can you believe I’ve never been to Peggy Porschen? I really need to visit one day, that coffee looks very cute with all the spots, and their cakes always look amazing.

  5. Oh my goodness your poor boy. I used to suffer terribly with earache, I used to remember warning the towel on the fire and popping it on my ear to numb the pain. And gosh your big boy, one how is he 19 and two I feel for you. How did it go? I am so so jealous of your trip to Chelsea and Peggy Porschen, she was the first cupcake book I ever purchased!


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