Bringing A Little Coastal Chic Style Garden Style To The Countryside


I love our little house in the country. Every now and then I have a wobble and want to move into a town or even a village. Somewhere with streetlights, pavement and buses. But then I go for a walk, look at the cows and sheep that often come to the wall to have a look at you as you pass by. Take in the breathtaking views that surround our house and I know that it will take a lot to make me really want to leave it. 

I wonder where I would live if not in the country? Would it be a town, or would that drive me mad? All that noise and traffic. Or would it be a beach, and swap these gorgeous views for the sound of the crashing waves and beach walks?

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I have been doing a little virtual shopping and designing my own little beach area in my corner of the countryside. Somewhere to embrace coastal chic, and while away sunny afternoons with a G&T. Ok I will need to be a little creative and pretend the sound of chickens is actually seagulls. But I can make that work.

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Here  is how I would create a Coastal Chic look

I have gone for soft grey and charcoal colours with a little pop of colour in the mixed hanging lanterns. Which are perfect to brighten up a garden or patio area and light up summers evenings.

The Havana Pod Sofa with Cushions is my centerpiece; I love the style and contemporary shape and can see myself enjoying a chill out on a hot sunny day. And probably struggling to get a seat some days as our chilled out teens commandeer the space. This gorgeous Herringbone Throw Blanket and scatter cushions would keep me snuggly and warm on a  summer’s evening when you really want to make the most of being outside in the garden.

With the addition of this Vilos Steel Chiminea with its modern clean lines, that would look right at home on a beach. And be a great addition to a beach chic area. Bamboo in grey planters gives a little height and a secluded feeling of being in sand dunes, bringing the beach to our country garden.

Bringing A Little Coastal Chic Style Garden Style To The Countryside


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My top tips for creating a Coastal Chic look

Keeps lines simple and fluid to get a contemporary look

Go for muted tones, cool greys and simple patterns such a stripes, squares and herringbone.

Accessorize with pops of colour in greens and pale blues to keep the look soft

Add height with greenery

A contemporary fire pit or chimney will finish the look and is perfect for rating marshmallows on summer evenings.

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