10 Steps To Be Gym Ready And Use That Gym Membership


How many times have you done it? Joined the gym and not used it.

I added up how many gym memberships I have previously had to a grand total of 6 over the years! I love the gym, and more so swimming. Ok I do sometimes dread it a little but once I am there and have done a workout I feel so much better.

5 Steps To Be Gym Ready And Use That Gym Membership

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It gives me that much-needed thinking space, a little me time. Which is something you rarely get as a mum. Lately I am starting the feel the benefits of the boys growing up. A little more time here and there, not feeling that guilt when I go off to do something I want to do. Because the fact is they are getting more independent and needing me less.

I know where I went wrong with my first few gym memberships. I had babies, and once they arrived there was no chance of getting anywhere near the gym. Having a husband that worked away a lot at that time did not help. Then I went back to work full-time and my gyms days and time for me was well and truly over.

But I always felt like I was missing out by not getting to the gym. Of course I would never replace those years spent with my little ones, creating happy memories, playing shops, walking in crunchy leaves. They are priceless. But welcoming those precious little bundles into your life changes everything.

When I announced I was re-joining Chris rolled his eyes knowingly. But this time things are so different, no one is relying on me to the level they were before. And as I now work for myself I have the freedom to nip there during the day. And for that I am so grateful.

5 Steps To Be Gym Ready And Use That Gym Membership

5 Steps To Be Gym Ready And Use That Gym Membership
But there are certain steps I have put into place to make sure I am gym ready. To stop me making excuses in favour of staying home and finding jobs to do. 

  1. Use a dedicated gym and wash bag and keep them packed ready to go at all times.
  2. Keep you Gym Key on you car keys so you always have it with you.
  3. Buy trial sizes of your favourite perfume and toiletries and keep them packed and ready, and if you have a favourite shampoo and conditioner buy travel bottles and keep these topped up.
  4. Have a separate set of brushes in your gym bag.
  5. Keep a separate swimming towel, I have one especially for the gym. This way it is either in the washing machine of packed ready for the gym.
  6. As soon as I have washed my gym kit and towel, I re-pack it straight into the gym bag.
  7. Keep a pound coin in a separate pocket of your purse so you always have that pound for the locker, and no one “borrows” it. Or keep a euro handy, as they too work in lockers.
  8. Have breakfast and work from the gym occasionally, I love these mornings as I take all my gym gear work for an hour over breakfast and then do a workout.
  9. Arrange to meet friends, I do love having a natter as I am working out.
  10. Set yourself a target of how many times you want to visit in a week, and if you don’t feel like a workout have a swim. On days like this I always feel better for making the effort to get there.

At the moment these obvious and simple steps are really working for me. I feel I have that little more time to spend at the gym. And I enjoy it so much more that I ever did. If I am feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed I know an hour at the gym will remedy that.

4 thoughts on “10 Steps To Be Gym Ready And Use That Gym Membership”

  1. It’s the kids that are my main obstacle to the gym, but thankfully I have two child-free slots a week now, so I am busily working on building up strength in my leg through swimming so I can hopefully start running again.
    Love the tips!

    • Karen I bet it has been so tough for you? Its so hard with younger kids too isn’t it, parenting has so many wonderful rewards but I always struggled with time x


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