Add Luxury To Your Bedroom Without Spending A Fortune.


5 Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Like a 5-Star Hotel Room. As we won’t exactly be visiting any 5* hotels any time soon due to the current climate, but if you’re after a bit of ‘at home’ luxury, then I thought I would put together some ways on how you can ensure your bedroom has a similar aesthetic and feel to a 5* hotel. You may not get the same sort of weather, but at least you’ll wake up in your own paradise.

Here are 5 ways that you can add some luxury to your room without massively splashing the cash:

Add A King-Size Bed and Comfortable Mattress

After a long flight or a long time travelling, the first thing most people want to do is check out the bed. Most hotels provide minimalist beds with white bedframes or black bedframes that are often a king or super king size. Which are sometimes much bigger than your bed at home. Unless, of course, you book one of those super modern hotels that seem to have those beds with buttons everywhere; one for the lights, one for the TV, etc.

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Double Up on Everything

Hotel rooms are usually designed for two people, meaning that there are usually two pieces of furniture so that nobody has a squabble over who gets what. Two bedside tables with a plug socket each are not uncommon.

However If you don’t fancy queuing in those crazy Ikea queues right now, then have a look on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace as they can be cheaper as people are often after a quick sale.

White Sheets

Hotels use white sheets to prove to their customers that they change the sheets often and that they are clean. Use white sheets in your home to add a sense of elegance to your bedroom. Ideally, you want the non-fitted sheets so that you can get right in the corners of the beds and tuck it right in without the crinkles.

White Pin-tuck Bedding from Sainsburys


Technology is updating every single day and hotels are usually some of the first businesses to update their offerings in order to stay on top of the market.

You can buy funky high-tech accessories in most high-street stores and they don’t need to be top of the range and super expensive. However you could purchase a Sonos system, plug sockets that offer USB ports or even a HIVE system where you can adjust the heating and lighting from your phone.

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Add Art

Hotels try and add statement pieces of art to their rooms to make them unique. Some of the art they use are just prints and aren’t expensive at all. As your bedroom is somewhere a bit personal, you could even add family photographs on the wall just to add a bit of individuality. For example photos from travels could be converted to canvas for your wall. Or indeed home made craft projects for an arty feel.

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  1. We’re not doing too bad with having a luxury bedroom we have the king size bed and are nearly doubled up on the furniture. My fella would like more tech in the bedroom but I have so far said no. Our bedroom is the next one to decorate to get rid of the magnolia paint. lol


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