A Week Of Not Very Much, And That’s Ok.


You know us, we like to keep busy and any time not being so almost feels like a bit of a waste. But this week has been filled with not very much, even my camera roll is a bit thin on the ground. No scrap that! Very thin on the ground.

And as much as I like to keep busy, not busy is ok sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like I have stopped, but that’s just mum life isn’t it? So this is what has occupied me this week.

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Getting Back Into The Gym

Last week I did lots of walking and managed to fit in a swim. but this week it was time to get back into the gym and I booked in for my step dance class. I haven’t been for a few weeks and omg you could tell! I am not the most co-ordinated but I don’t mind that as I just enjoy the class, but wow I found it tough.

Thankfully we have had some moments of blue skies to enjoy walks too, although having a dog means walking everyday despite the weather. But it always seems so much better on a sunny day.

Joe Being Away

We always go away every May half term and this year we could not because Joe was on a School trip to Paris. Part of me wanted to book a long weekend in the sun. But anyone who reads my blog knows my crazy gorgeous boy loves an accident. Hence I felt going away would tempt fate, so we stayed at home. Which turned out well as Chris has had man flu all week………..

Joe had the best time and got to see the sights in Paris, visit Disney and came home a little bit broken. Honestly, I am sure I have more staying power than both our boys. I mean come on, how can you be so tired all the time at that age? No kidding he has slept almost constantly since he got home.

Still Waiting For Planning

We are still waiting, I have a horrible feeling about it, none of our neighbours have appealed but an officer still insisted on visiting this week to check the garden room would not infringe on them! They sent letters to neighbours a quarter of a mile away who can’t even see out house, let alone the work to be done. All we can do is keep waiting, but when something is so straightforward and no one objects, why drag it out.

Making Mickey Magnets

This week I shared a tutorial on how to make Disney Cruise Door Magnets over on Cruising With Kids. Although I suppose you don’t need to go on a cruise to make Mickey Magnets.

Still Reading The Familiars By Stacey Halls

I love this book, its odd all being based locally. But The Pendle Witches are a subject that fascinates me, and the story is a mix of fiction with historical facts woven through it. Its a wonderful read and beautifully written, you know when you look forward to the next opportunity you will get to read a book. This is that book.

Thinking About Cruising

There are lots of exciting things going on on the Cruise front. Donna is currently on a Royal Caribbean Cruise so I am loving following her adventures. We have also been looking at lots of different kinds of cruises for families and will hopefully have some exciting news to share soon.

Next Week?

I am going to see Club Tropicana at the Opera House, I actually don’t know much about the show apart from that it’s set in the 80s with an 80s score. Being a teen on the 80s I am so giddy about a night living in an 80s bubble. And the reviews are fab so it promises to be a fun evening.

Have a great week whatever you are up too!

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12 thoughts on “A Week Of Not Very Much, And That’s Ok.”

  1. I’m glad Joe enjoyed his trip even if it has left him worn out. It does sound like a more relaxed week for you, all the more time for dreaming up all the things you can do later. Sorry to hear about the planning though, it sounds like a nightmare just waiting. Club Tropicana sounds loads of fun. Thanks for linking up to #wotw x

  2. I think a week with not much going on is good and is sometimes needed.
    Oh no! I hope Chris is feeling better now. Poor Joe does sound a little broken. It sounds like he had a good time though x

  3. Sounds like plenty going on all the same. I don’t know anything about the planning you are waiting on but I do know about waiting on someone big! The tension. Good luck with it

  4. Your quiet weeks still sound busy. Wise move to stay home over half term, by the sounds of it. Hope Chris is feeling better now. Our dog walks have been so lovely this week. Combination of everything being in flower and the children coming along. Joe’s trip sounds amazing. Glad he had fun. I’ve seen your book and was fascinated by the cover. After your description, I’m now adding it to my list. Hope you enjoy your theatre trip. Are you going to dress up in 80s style? #wotw

  5. My teen is the same, he just seems to be permanently exhausted these days, I wonder if their bodies are tired from growing! I love the sound of Club Tropicana, I was also a teen in the eighties x

  6. Sometimes it feels just as good to do nothing as it does to be super busy. Time for a little reflection and planning. Or in Joe’s case sleeping :). I hope the planning situ is sorted soon Sarah – I can’t quite believe they are involving folk it won’t affect. Truly stupid. x

  7. I think you sometimes need a week where not much happens, and half term is never as crazy with teens is it. Sounds as if Joe had the best trip in Paris. Urgh what a pain, why send letters to people who can’t even see your house. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Sarah x

  8. It’s nice to have a quiet week sometimes. Looks like you had some beautiful weather and I love the flowers that you photographed. Glad Joe enjoyed his trip to Paris. Fingers crossed you hear back on the planning application soon – how frustrating for it to take so long. Hope you enjoy seeing Club Tropicana this week too. #WotW

  9. Still sounds pretty busy to me my lovely.
    How cute are those magnets. Addison would love them.

    I am envious of all your talk about cruises. It’s been in my top 3 things to do since my teens.
    Not sure we will ever get to do it with Grayson so I love living through other people on line living the dream.

    Yippee to planning as well xx


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