3 Swoon-Worthy Family Villas In Sicily


Have you been to Sicily? Omg it is breathtaking. I was more intrigued before I visited having read The God Father books.

Books are always better than the film right? I had built up this vision of what Sicily would be like based on those books. That’s the sign of a great author isn’t it? And yes the glorious countryside and the breathtaking views were bang on. But the rest, not so much!

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Sicilians are warm and kind people who love family life. Eating is a huge event for them, with family meals lasting hours. Anyone that knows me know this is right up my street. Mealtime is a big deal in our home, always has been, always will be. I am a feeder. I think that is why I have such infinity with Italian families. Mealtime is family time, none of this TV malarkey. Our family eats together with no social media or TV. And do you know what, it works. It’s the time of day when we all talk and share. And we all enjoy that time.

Travelling to places that share my passion for families and relaxed drawn out meals really is one of my favourite things to do. Life is such a rush, so to get of and stop the ride every now and then is a must. And what better way to slow down life than to find a gorgeous villa to cocoon the family up in for a little while.

But of course we have teens, meaning we must be cocooned near something of interest. A beautiful beach perfect for playing unless hours of football and a historic town to explore, with restaurants, bars and museums.

This weekend I have been scouring the Essential Italy website, looking for something that ticks all the boxes. Somewhere we could go and just chill. But also have the freedom to explore should we want to and I have come up with 3  luxury family villas in Sicily that even the fussiest of customers would struggle to find fault with.

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

The Island House; Casa Faro, Favignana is on the tiny island of Favignana, just off the coast of Sicily

And wow this villa has it all; on a small island the house has a gated entrance. Yet with access to local restaurants and bars should you want to dine out? With a fresh modern decor the villa is split into 2 accommodations, joint with a covered terrace/dining area. Perfect for traveling with friends and getting that extra privacy. Yet offers the opportunity to enjoy long social meals in alfresco coning area. Casa Faro has it all for the traveling family, even bikes for long family rides on the flat landscape or Wi-Fi and satellite TV for chilled out movie nights.

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

The Town House; Casa Hortus, Monica, Sicily is on the main land in the heart of the historical town of Modica.

This is the ultimate Italian town house, built on a higher vantage point giving roof top views over town. This ultra modern yet 500-year old property has been fully restored and offers Wi-Fi throughout. Outside space with a hydro-massage bath and dining areas, a kitchen that would make the most unwilling of chefs want to cook with a wine cellar stocked with local wines. But in a location that offers the flexibility to dine out should you wish.

Whilst Casa Hortus comfortably sleeps 6 it is also the perfect romantic retreat, check out the photos. This is one very special Italian town house.

And last but by no means least.

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

3 Swoon-Worthy Villas To Stay In Sicily

The Beach House; Casa sul Mare is in Portopalo, on the southern most tip of Sicily 

Located overlooking a beach with a terrace you would never want to leave. Comfortably accommodating 8 means you could travel with friends and enjoy alfresco meals with the sound of the surf in the background. And be able to dip in and out of the sea at your leisure. Never worrying about packing up and heading back from the beach.

Enjoying meals and a glass of wine as the sunsets would be an absolute highlight and the perfect ending to endless beach days under the hot Italian sun. With many Sicilian towns within easy reach should you want to get out and explore a little.

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3 Luxury Family Villas in Sicily, Italy, 1 Island House, 1 Beach Hosue and One Town House, Perfect for Luxury Faily Trips To Italy



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